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  1. Chameleon In Recovery

    Just hoping to vent & ask a question. 5-7 min read approx

    Heads up - it’s a long one lol Approx 5-7 min read. The first part is me venting . The question is at the bottom As those of you who have gotten to know me recently already know, the last little while has been extremely tough for me. Mental & physical health issues .. so much going on. In...
  2. Kristin is Awkward

    That old familiar feeling...

    No matter what I do, no matter what I try, I feel so alone. I hate it. I want to not hate it. I want to be, "strong and independent," and I want people to see me that way. Unfortunately, I feel like a weirdo/alien/robot, watching people around me have normal lives, normal relationships, and...
  3. M

    Is autism the same as social anxiety disorder?

    When toddlers suffer from symptoms of social anxiety, doctors look for restricted and repetitive behaviors to differentiate between ASD and social anxiety disorder (SAD). However, restricted and repetitive behaviors also occur in people with autistic traits who aren't autistic. That means...
  4. S

    Being married to a not understanding partner, Help!

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. The reason i write here is because i feel so discouraged on a daily basis because my husband, who i do love very much, refuse to believe I have asperger. I have no one to talk to and I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there that is going through the...
  5. GrownupGirl

    My 3DS Broke!

    Today my 3DS just stopped working for no obvious reason and I have no clue why, although I did discover some damage to it. I guess I just dropped it one too many times. I'm really unhappy because I was going to make a New Year's Video of Animal Crossing: New Leaf tomorrow for my YouTube...
  6. Deanna1117

    Do NTs like wasting time? Kinda upset

    After dance class, I normally leave straight away, but after some annoying incident involving people forgetting to tell me things, my mom's been hugging me to try and fit in more, to join their group. So today I joined my classmates and teacher in having dinner at McDonalds. I had to get a...
  7. S

    How to deal with HeartBreak?!

    I am a recently come to terms aspie and I went through a break up last night over the phone and I just didn't feel anything? I really do love her and I had this night planned where I was going to say the 3 big words and not I never will. I feel like I should be hurting or upset or crying because...
  8. Autistamatic

    Empathy and YOUR feelings as an AS person

    I'm asking for your opinions of how your experience of empathy - i.e. how the feelings of others affect you, makes you feel inside. The first video I did on the empathy topic covered how empathy can work for us, the second I'm currently working on talks about how and why we may be incorrectly...
  9. DesertRose

    Your experience with ASD and comorbidities

    Do you find this to be true? ""Many anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, are not commonly diagnosed in people with ASD because such symptoms are better explained by ASD itself...""...
  10. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Crying with the city lights

    Tonight I feel lonely. I'm out here in my balcony, with a stunning view of the city at night. Usually I would have enjoyed it. But tonight I feel so lonely. I love being alone, when I want to be alone. That is a lot more frequent than it is for most people. I like to write, read, travel, eat...
  11. Ameriblush

    Remembering years of bullying.

    Lately I've been having flashbacks of the days when I got bullied in school. They range from the typical teasing, to having things thrown at me, gossiped about, falsely accused of vandalism, being called mentally challenged, 'roasted' by the entire classroom when I had done nothing wrong or...
  12. Nitro

    The Lowly Dawn Simulator 2016-12-09

    I am a subscriber to Psychiatric Times.In order to reap all benefits of their site,I fear it is a necessary evil. I found them to have many interesting write ups that pertain to loads of psych issues and the latest treatments.
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