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  1. AutisticMilly

    Church and Autism

    I’m an atheist, but I was raised Christian, and I go to church with my family on holidays to avoid scrutiny from my family. I remember as a kid I always hated church, and I still do. In retrospect, it’s an autistic nightmare: people wanting to shake your hand and making eye contact you as soon...
  2. Kavigant

    How Do I Know What I Believe?

    I have spent the last thirty years devoting incredible amounts of time and energy to what I have recently come to understand as my main special interest: religion and comparative theology. However, my interest has been only partially academic; the bulk of my interest has been what I long...
  3. B


    Hello! You can call my Bunny I’m a 21 year old girl! I enjoy crafts such as knitting, nalbinding, weaving, spinning and some other small crafts. I really like to learn about historical textiles and just history in general. I’m a Catholic and have a deep interest in religion and know a lot about...
  4. LadyS

    Any Agnostics here..?

    Apologies in advance if it's already been posted. Wanted to see if there are anyone here who take an agnostic approach to life? I was raised Hindu, in a predominantly conservative Christian area. However, contrary to popular belief, Hinduism isn't so much a religion as it is a culture. There...
  5. AutisticPriest

    Hello, from an Openly Autistic Catholic Priest

    Hello. I just found this. I had posted a few times on Wrong Planet and other autism forums like /r/aspergers and several Facebook groups. I'm a pretty well-known Catholic priest who made it public I was autistic in 2019 and am writing a book on prayer for autistics.
  6. BrokenBoy

    On suicide..

    I've tried to kill myself multiple times but I've stopped from actually doing it because I fear death. I've always have since the very beginning of my life. I don't know how I feel about religion. I don't know which "side" I should join. I don't want to kill myself because I fear the idea of...
  7. EricD

    Seventh-day Adventists

    Are there any SDA's here, or am I the only one?
  8. M

    Hello. I'm new here.

    I'm an adult on the spectrum. I was diagnosed almost ten years ago. When the psychiatrist explained Apspergers, as it was called then, my life came into focus.
  9. Joshua the Writer

    Getting Baptized Next Week

    Hello, peeps. I am getting baptized next week. I am so excited! I know that I have to get in front of everybody in the church to do it, I am not worried, as I am getting used to attention from crowds, and never really ever had stage fright. I'm going to get baptized by Laura, one of the two...
  10. Y

    Introducing yoja

    Hi I am a 32-yearold womn with high-functioning autism. I am queer (I have been dating a wonderful woman for the last 10 months). I am interseted in ancient wisdom, mythology, symbology and spirituality. I am Christian, but am looking to expand my spiritual practice so that i can found ways of...
  11. Joshua the Writer

    Is it Okay to be a Nudist if You are Christian?

    Sorry about the texting language in here. I originally sent this in a venting channel in a Discord server that I am a member of. I don't know why my parents have a problem with me being naked in my own room. Many types of clothes are not friendly to how I process senses such as touch. Also, in...
  12. A

    Does anyone here believe in New Age ideas?

    Just curious to know. Also, do any of you think you are a hybrid child?
  13. Butterfly88

    Jesus is Watching You (Humor)

    A funny short clip.
  14. AspieWatchmaker

    Spiritual Experience

    Have you ever had a spiritual experience? I am trying to understand what causes people to turn to religion and spirituality. I have read the Wikipedia article on spiritual experience, and it may as well have not existed for what I could glean from it! I am an atheist, and until a recent...
  15. Butterfly88

    Zionism Question

    I have this online acquintence. He said he's very interested in defending Israel from Anti-Zionism. I didn't even know what Zionism was so I looked it up. This was what I found: A Definition of Zionism So anti-Zionism means he's against Zionism, but he says defending against so that could be...
  16. garnetflower13

    Seriously, this makes me nuts!

    I have an elderly aunt that I periodically phone for a chat. She is pretty nice, usually; except for when she starts on religion. Being a non religious person bordering on atheist, I find it intensely irritating when she starts telling me that God will look out for me, solve my problem, etc...
  17. aarparca

    I struggle with Aspergers. Am I #blessed or what?

    A lot of times we use the word blessed lightly. Whenever an event happens to us that makes us happy, or we work hard and reward ourselves with something rare money can buy, our tendency is to post or tweet it out and drop the hashtag #blessed Examples: I just bought a car. #Blessed (I wish...
  18. A

    Why I hate talking about my religion

    It's not that I mind explaining things that have been asked. But in general, I don't like being boxed. I feel that once people know about my religion, they will not be as open and trusting in approaching me, that they have stereotypes and ideas of their own of how I "must" be, they censor...
  19. A

    Changing Religions

    A few more friendly questions for those who believe in God :) But first... a) You do not have to name the religions involved - that is up to you. b) Please be respectful and avoid attacking other religions. I'm not asking anyone to be politically correct, rather, please just explain how...
  20. A

    How would you describe your relationship with God?

    A few friendly questions for those who believe in God :) How/when did your relationship with God start? What has helped it grow? How/when do you turn to God? How does God help you navigate life with ASD in an NT world? In what ways do you prefer to spend time with God? In what ways do you...
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