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  1. C

    Unsure of diagnoses

    I was evaluated for autism today- and didn’t get sent home with a very clear answer. Instead I was prescribed two medications to try, abilify, and another medication for adhd, an upper I guess. The dr seemed to suggest I exhibited symptoms for both add and autism, but didn’t give me a clear...
  2. T

    Poverty of Verbal Thought and Brain Blockage

    As someone with a history documented more in the realm of mental illness, it's sometimes hard for me to dissect the point where symptoms of mood disorder (among others) end and neurodivergence potentially begins. Some background: I've stated before that I don't have an official diagnosis for...
  3. C

    Hello, everyone. I am a newbie here.

    Hello, You may call me "Chase" for short. I am in my 20's and live on the East Coast. When I was still in school, they suggested that my parents get me tested for ASD because I was showing signs. However, being a different time, they took it as a negative and I was never officially...
  4. Questella

    "Ask me anything"

    Okay people say this to me and it always throws me for a complete loop. I have nothing I want to ask, I don't like asking weird questions, I feel like I'm prying and honestly I don't really care anyways. But they love saying this, I hate it so much, if there's something you want to tell me why...
  5. H

    I might be asperger

    Hello, I'm ColorfulPebble, you can call me Pebble, I am 13 years old and on June 9th I started questioning that I might or not be neuroatypical, more specifically asperger. I posses roughly half of the male symptoms and approximately all female ones. Self-diagnosed with sensory processing...
  6. Kusan38

    Hi - please advise on seeking diagnosis

    I'm a 30-year-old female who has been thoroughly fascinated with Aspergers for months (with at least some superficial interest over the last few years). I see some traits of it in myself, while other traits do not fit. This causes me a lot of uncertainty and fluctuating opinions of whether this...
  7. H

    Hello! New here and searching for some answers.

    Hello, Hypergirl here! I am a twenty year old mechanical engineering student diagnosed with combine type ADHD who is currently questioning whether or not she could possibly fall somewhere on the low autistic spectrum. My brother was diagnosed with being very low on the autistic spectrum when he...
  8. StevieRhi

    Asperger's? Or Schizoid Personality Disorder?

    Hello! Haven't been here lately. How are you all? :) A few days ago--this past Thursday--I was reading up on personality disorders; partly because of interest, partly because of wondering. Or rather, symptoms of having one. And I came across 'feelings of emptiness' and that was very, very...
  9. StevieRhi

    "Half-Wondering" (Am I Really An Aspie?)

    Hi there! Again... So two days ago or so I joined this site. I wasn't very detailed in my introductory thread. At the end I said that I believe I have Asperger's and that while my neurodiverse and neurotypical traits are of a similar number (ND Score: 110 of 200, NT Score: 107 of 200. That's...
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