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  1. S

    Could it be autism? Diagnosed with CPTSD and feeling very confused.

    Hi, everyone. I'm new to the forum and hoping to get some insight regarding CPTSD and autism. I have been officially diagnosed with CPTSD for quite a while. However, my partner (professionally diagnosed with autism) has pointed out many behaviors that could be traits of autism. We compiled a...
  2. OmoriKinnie

    Autism and PTSD

    I have autism and one of my friends has PTSD. We identify with each other very well, so you could say we just click. What are the similarities between autism and PTSD? What are the differences? I'll do my own research on PTSD (already having the personal experience with autism), but I may want...
  3. D

    PTSD in Autistic Adults

    Hi everyone! I last posted a little over a year ago to announce the publication of a study that people here participated in ("Interpersonal Trauma And Posttraumatic Stress In Autistic Adults"). I'm thrilled to announce a second publication from the same dataset, "PTSD in Autistic Adults...
  4. Gerald Wilgus

    I Guess I Must be Depressed.

    Over the past year, I cannot feel positive or fulfilled by anything. I don't know if it started with the stroke last year in January, but now everything just seems dull. In June the stenosis was corrected, but before then, when doing strenuous activities that I have enjoyed and am skilled at...
  5. Gerald Wilgus

    Confronting Myself

    I have been doing Cognitive Processing Therapy for lingering PTSD from earlier social isolation Most recently I had to write a narrative on the causes of the perceived trauma and now am dealing with challenging the stuck points, the messages I tell myself that never let me move on in a healthy...
  6. Gerald Wilgus

    A very interesting article in Cell.

    Came across an article summarizing Phase III (Investigative New Drug) trials concerning MDMA (Ectasy) as an adjunct to therapy, especially for PTSD. From the article here is a summary of effects and benefits. I wonder if it opens up the possibility of new therapies for some of us?
  7. Jenisautistic

    Why frozen 2 speaks to me and I'll be coming back to it again and again

  8. T

    At a stand still in a ND relationship.

    Hello all! I’m going to dive right in and get straight to the point. For the last eight months I have been involved with a wonderful, bright, funny, smart Aspie man. We are a gay couple (I use the word couple loosely). He has Aspergers and severe PTSD from combat in Afghanistan (diagnoses...
  9. AnnMoss

    Attracted to those who hurt you psychologically?

    I wonder if it's easier for "our kind" to be taken advantage of by abusive people than others? I am often not a very good judge of character because "compellingly interesting puzzle-human" is usually what makes a person stand out to me, and people who are clinically narcissistic and sociopathic...
  10. Andie Kinney

    Adopted father has cancer, I'm not sad but feel guilty

    [Already posted in Forums] I found out that my adopted father has lymphoma and I don't feel sad. I was abused and have stopped talking to most of the adopted family. I didn't feel happy finding out but I wasn't sad either. I don't know if this is because of autism or trauma. I do feel anxiety...
  11. Andie Kinney

    Adopted father has cancer, I'm not sad but I feel guilty

    I found out that my adopted father has lymphoma and I don't feel sad. I was abused and have stopped talking to most of the adopted family. I didn't feel happy finding out but I wasn't sad either. I don't know if this is because of autism or trauma. I do feel anxiety and guilt because I'm not...
  12. Gritches

    PTSD and the Healing Power of Self-Forgiveness

    Very recently, I've learned of the healing power behind forgiving yourself for a troubled past, and as highlighted in JDartistic's post about dealing with humiliation, I'm not alone in that sentiment. I would, however, like to explain where I was, where I am now, and what changed in hopes that...
  13. onlything

    Romantic interest

    So, today about finding a romantic interest or rather - about how not to find it. Literally. What I'm asking for is how to be friendly, to males especially, while not invoking their sexual interest, or simpler - how to be nice, look neat but without any sexual appeal at all. It was easier when...
  14. Butterfly88

    Autism and Trauma

    I have PDD-NOS and PTSD. I’m in therapy working through trauma. Problem is my therapist says she doesn’t think I’m autistic. She also seems to not know the difference between Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD-NOS. When I started stimming in her office she looked worried and asked me if I was okay...
  15. Katleya

    Spectrum adults coping with childhood trauma caused by others

    A common motif here is the bullying, lack of acceptance and often traumatic life events that we were subjected to in our childhoor/teenage years for our lack of conformity to the NT world. So I have a lot of questions today, and I could use some help with those. 1. As an adult, how do you cope...
  16. EagleKey7

    Hello! I'm a newbie to Asperger's.

    I'm a noob. I planned on starting a youtube channel before I found out about being an aspie. While I know some of my personal struggles and some adventures I'd like to take people on is there anything any of you would suggest as a way to engage and help people. I'm disabled currently and need to...
  17. xDominiel

    Anyone else get born into the worst possible family?

    I feel like the vast majority of my issues are there because I never had a stable home, I never really felt safe and thinking back I'm not sure I was ever loved unconditionally. Being constantly scolded for "being weird" or "not eating fast enough" and other petty things like that really messed...
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