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  1. 4gottenLoreKali

    Does anyone else here actually ENJOY some social interaction? [Warning: A NOVEL]

    OK, I know this thread is gonna seriously call my "Aspie cred" into question, and in some people's opinions, may even disqualify me from being on the spectrum altogether. But ever since I was diagnosed in 5th grade and started researching this enigmatic condition more thoroughly, I've gravitated...
  2. As sweet as-pie

    Clashing with extended in-laws

    Hi, I have always been very vocal about my political beliefs on my facebook page, where I'm friends with most of my partner's family. About 2 months ago, one of them commented on an image I shared stating their disagreement. I replied politely and tried to be as diplomatic as possible but she...
  3. Aby Hazes

    New and Looking for Help and Advice with my BF with ASD

    Hi, I'm Aby and I'm 20 years old from the Philippines and an NT (neurotypic or not in the spectrum). I have been in an almost 6-month long-distance relationship with a guy I met online (Snapchat actually) and he has been diagnosed with Autism last year, about September 2019. And honestly, being...
  4. L

    I need help with my relationship

    We are located in Germany, where, due to the corona virus pandemic, majority of external facilities are closed. I discussed that with my AS partner and it seems that he is not dealing with the situation too well...His daily routine is interrupted completely (he was always following the same...
  5. Suzanne

    Hugs? Cuddles?

    Because my husband is a huge hugger and I have learned to accept his hugs and up to a certain point, get a sense of warmth from it; not all the time though, he is the only one I can hug ( which, of course is great) :p Anyway, what I find difficultly with regarding hugs, is the absolute...
  6. Jorg

    Dismissing a bad lab partner from university

    Hello! As many of you may recall or not, I'm an electronic engineering student, I'm a very "strict" or at least I try to be responsable with my work even if I may not understand WTH is about. For years I've been struggling with lab/project parters, lack of interest from them, lack of "good"...
  7. Bolletje

    Can your partner help during a meltdown?

    I'm curious about this. My boyfriend is often anxious to help me out when I'm experiencing a meltdown, and I saw @RiverSong post in another topic about her boyfriend wanting to help during a meltdown as well. For me, personally, when I experience a meltdown I cry, I hyperventilate and my...
  8. As sweet as-pie

    Meeting (NT) partner's family

    Hi all, I've found myself in a bit of an awkward predicament, one that I've been in for many years now. I've been with my current (NT) boyfriend for 4 years and still haven't met his family. I went to his grandma's house once to meet her but that was very early in our relationship...
  9. As sweet as-pie

    Reactions from NT partners

    Hi all, I am in a long term relationship with my current (NT) boyfriend who I started dating in 2013. I self-diagnosed in early 2016 and got my official diagnosis at the start of this year. I've always been very open with him about how I think and see the world and also about my autism...
  10. Bolletje

    Living with a social NT partner

    I apologize if this is a topic elsewhere, couldn't find it with the search function. So here goes: I live together with my neurotypical boyfriend, with whom I've been together for four years. We get along really well and I love him to bits, but of course I wouldn't be posting if there wasn't an...
  11. L

    I'm new and a bit lost

    Hi all, I'm the partner of a man with Asperger's, and joined this site wondering if there is a spot for NT discussion regarding close relatives/partners with AS. My situation is probably a typical one, with perhaps some small differences. My AS partner is very loving, very caring. When we...
  12. S

    Does my partner have Aspergers?

    Obviously I can't take a quiz on his behalf, but I don't want to confront him with my suspicion in case I am wrong. Recently I looked up Aspergers online and suddenly a lot of things made sense. His personality traits: - can't do small-talk, often doesn't wish to talk about how his day was - my...
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