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  1. A

    Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024 2024-03-28

    A series of talks on neurodiversity
  2. A

    Neurodiversity and autism 2023-01-27

    Neurodiversity and autism What is neurodiversity and how has it changed the way we talk about autism? Is it always helpful for people who are autistic and their families? As video app Tik Tok became more and more popular, so too did the use of #Neurodivergent. Videos using this hashtag...
  3. C

    Research on Autism Strengths, Social Identity & Wellbeing

    Hi all, I'm looking for autistic people aged 16-30 to complete a survey for my research into autism strengths, social identity and wellbeing. I've noticed how much focus there has been on the difficulties associated with autism, and less about the strengths which I'd like to explore about more...
  4. A

    [+poll:7d]My first message and my interests

    Hi all. I am new here. My interests are: * Wikidata ** Entering lots of data. Lots of interesting properties to use to enter data with. Connected 1 time with an aspie who is a "Wikidata god" and also an "OpenStreetMap god"(at least in his 'category' or geographical region) ** Mix'n'match, I...
  5. Neonatal RRT

    YouTube video on Asperger's: Not a disorder? Seems minimizing.

    Curious about everyone's thoughts on this. Mark Hutton, M.A. has put out several short videos on dealing with the Asperger's condition, especially from a relationship perspective (NT-ASD couples relationships, etc.). I think his heart is in the right place with this, perhaps trying to allow...
  6. D

    Is Autism a Disability? Or a Gift?

    "Autism is a gift or a good thing !" No not for me its horrible especially with the overwhelmingly Brutal comorbidities Only a tiny percent of people with autism are "Savants" and there's more "Savants" ang geniuses Without autism by far. the majority are low functioning only a tiny handful are...
  7. Eric Greenland

    NT -vs- ASD thoughts

    NT -vs- ASD thoughts: I have come to think of NT logical thought as a circle. A 2D shape. Any logical point of view from a NT mind can be placed on this 2D circle for any given problem/topic with the center being a perfectly balanced point of view. This 2D shape is locked in place tho. The...
  8. Leslie Keating

    ND Masters Psych Student need Autistic YAs for short online survey on mental health & wellbeing

    Hi guys , we need participants for research on the impact of changes to services and quality of life during Covid 19 on autistic young adults. This survey has been approved by autistic young people. We really hope that this research will help to improve services for the autism community. See...
  9. V

    Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace 2021-04-01

    This free program developed by Dr. Karen Bopp at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration in Autism (CIRCA) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) includes a series of five self-paced, interactive modules filled with useful activities and videos. The program is designed...
  10. HDLSeanWiley

    Autism Day on Twitter

    Did you notice that whenever you tweet #AutismAcceptance, #WorldAutismAwarenessDay, or #WorldAutismDay, the infinity symbol for neurodiversity appears next to it? You guys think that's a sign of progress?
  11. EstimatedProphet

    Best Places To Work! An Autistic Adventure in Corporate America 2020-02-25

    I was semi-active on this site a long while ago for about six months (late 2016-early 2017), which was from the time I was diagnosed with Asperger's until I started my first job back in the working world post-diagnosis. Then I dropped out. What happened after that? That's what the book is about...
  12. M

    Clearing Up Some Misconceptions about Neurodiversity

    Clearing Up Some Misconceptions about Neurodiversity Long read, but worth it. Just because you value neurological differences doesn’t mean you’re denying the reality of disabilities. To my dismay, Simon Baron-Cohen’s recent article “The Concept of Neurodiversity is Dividing the Autism...
  13. GadAbout

    Dementia as an alternative "neurotype"

    My husband (who has early-stage Alzheimer's) and I are active at our local senior center. We attend exercise class three days a week as well as other events. I try to smile warmly at others in our exercise class and say good morning, even though I don't know most people's names. My husband...
  14. Autistamatic

    Two new videos from Autistamatic.

    Hi all Two new videos I've not yet posted here. The one at the bottom of this post was a collaboration between myself, The Autistic Allies FB group and The Aspergian. I quite liked the style I used on it so I decided to do something in a similar style on a different topic. I'll do more DERS...
  15. Jenisautistic

    (New video) why autistic people are not sick

  16. FlowerChild

    Where should Autism research focus in the future? What is missing from the discussion?

    Hi everyone, I've been a part of this website for a while now - I am an Autistic woman in my late-20's, and am considering which topic to research for my PhD in Social Sciences (i.e. Sociology and Diversity Studies). I think I'd like to bring a new perspective to the field of Autism research...
  17. aarparca

    Hi there!

    Hello. Like many of you, I struggle with Aspergers. I've been mildly diagnosed and even in my early 30s have no idea how to handle certain things that I go through. I come from a city where there's no support and only moderate awareness of autism and Aspergers. My eventual goal is to let the...
  18. A

    Neurodiversity, ASD and solar cycles

    Hi. My name is Alberto Saco. I work as profesor of sociology since 1995. As demographer (my speciality) I carried out a preliminary research on ASD prevalence and I found a pattern, apparently linked yo solar cycles. As I don't trust very much diagnosis in mental health (I was aware of my...
  19. M

    The 'N' Word or The Neurodiversity Movement

    Neurodiversity is an approach to learning and disability that suggests that diverse neurological conditions appear as a result of normal variations in the human genome.[1] This portmanteau of neurological and diversity originated in the late 1990s as a challenge to prevailing views of...
  20. KenG

    [UK] Registration to Autscape 2016 is open!

    Please come to Autscape, the annual Autistic gathering in England! Organised by Autistics, for Autistics! Lots of stimming, rocking, talking (or typing, or signing), presentations, exciting discussions, general fun and meeting kindred spirits :-) Come, participate, and help shape the future of...
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