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  1. shysnail

    Over-enthusiastic about autism

    Hi all, I have maybe an unusual situation with my mum when it comes to autism. When I was diagnosed as a child, she was incredibly enthusiastic about it. She bought a bunch of books (think Simon Baron-Cohen and similar) and has generally enjoyed the whole experience of my diagnosis. This goes...
  2. Aspychata

    Uh Mom? Uh Dad? Did either of these show Asperger-type behavior?

    My mom was definitely cold, l don't remember a huggy caring mother. l remember that l didn't feel accepted, almost a burden in some respects by the teenage years. What does your childhood bring up in your mind.
  3. NicolePfisher

    Would my Mom find this website useful?

    Hi, I don't know how to lead into this, so here we go... I am a young woman self-diagnosed with ASD. My mother and I have always loved each other but we've always have had trouble communicating (now we know why). My mom believes that I am on the spectrum--she was the first to suggest it even...
  4. M

    24 yr son at home

    i have been desperately looking for a forum to discuss my son, and I hold this is the correct forum! My aspire son is 24 and is living at home. Not to mention all the other challenges we have with him, the one I’m trying to deal with is his masturbation while I’m at home. There are times when...
  5. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Changing how a man looks good on my paper

    I now have a map with all the places with hidden mines that I have to avoid in my love life. These mines are charming, exciting, intelligent men, that had unloving mothers. I also have in my map a destination: a man with his feet on Earth, capable of love, (since he received lots of it when he...
  6. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    A mom, a son and lots of curiosity

    My eight-year-old told me last night, again, that he’s not learning anything at school. That he wants to know how everything was created, and how the plants and animals were inside. I told him the we could learn it at home anyway. So today I found these very cool videos that I want to see and...
  7. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Filling up your world

    You don’t know your life is filled up with elephants, but it is, believe me. Pay attention today, and see how many elephants you can find. I had this epiphany when my daughter was an elephant-obsessed-two-year old. She thought that elephants were called ‘circles’ because I once told her ‘that’s...
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