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  1. M

    Are you nostalgic?

    It's various definitions describe: A feeling of pleasure and/or sadness when you think about things that happened in the past. A sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Recalling the past in a rosy, positive light, even though the...
  2. Canismajoris

    Weird memory? General ASD feature or is it just me?

    My wife told me today that she wonders what I actually remember from our past 8 years. This is because I forget daily and mundane things very fast, but remember a lot of weird info. I mean, I can read a book in a day or two and give a lecture about it next week, but it is very hard for me to...
  3. stuckinpain

    Socially Awkward Experiences...

    I wonder if I will ever accept that I have Asperger. I hate that I can't get any words out from my mouth in groups. It's so difficult and all I want is to be like the others.. Yes social. How do you learn to accept it? How do you learn to deal with that your social skills are terrible and that...
  4. windowall

    Memory palaces and mnemonics

    I'm pretty interested in this topic right now. I was wondering if anyone else was familiar with memory palaces or mnemonics and knew about the topic, wanted to provide information for me to learn or just discuss. :p Also wondering if anyone has made memory palaces before? Or used mnemonic...
  5. Sabrina

    Prosopagnosia and portraits

    “Prosopagnosia is a neurological disorder characterized by the inability to recognize faces”. I think I have some sort of light prosopagnosia because it’s tough for me to recognize new acquantainces’ faces (it can be embarassing). Maybe I meet a mom of my kids’ friends one day and the next I...
  6. E

    Memory issues

    My memory works in a weird way! I attended this photography lessons 2 years ago and I have absolutely no memory of me being there, but I know a lot of things about dslr! I don't have images in my head. I can't even picture my mother. Sometimes, for a split second I forget everything and question...
  7. M

    Do you remember your dreams?

    Rarely ever do, only at times when I take a short nap and wake up suddenly. And then they fade away. Do you like your dreams? Which ones do you like? Do recall several in which I saw people from the past, but was anxious and walked quickly through rooms of people who I used to know and some...
  8. Bella Pines

    When are you right now?

    There's a song I remember that goes something like "where's your head at...". I suspect that people on the spectrum are rarely present in the now and don't always fully engage. My head is always in the future, I'm so involved in what will happen that I barely notice what is happening...
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