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  1. J

    Sexual frustration

    It’s been over a year since I’ve had any sexual encounter and it’s really getting to me. I hate this feeling of sexual tension and it’s getting to the point that I just want to kill myself. It’s already hard enough not having a significant other but then adding in no sexual partner at all for a...
  2. Levitator

    Thursday night autism party

    I truly have nothing socially better to do than hang out here, and I hope my posting has not been felt as spammy. It was very much a last resort my coming here, not because I don't think other people need or deserve a place like this, but because I thought of myself as stronger and better...
  3. C

    Anyone else feels like they are "coping" when doing things alone? Can I make the feeling go away?

    Hey every few weeks im home for a few days. At home I dont have any friends sadly I never connected with anyone, but I have accepted it. I spent way to much time of my childhood Infront of the computer so I try to head out. I do hikes, beaches, go see movies alone, try climbing gyms ect. I...
  4. furkandorum

    About People

    Being around other people scare me, tire me, make me feel really overwhelmed. I don't like them, i can't feel like myself when i'm not alone. But i feel like i do need close relationships. And the other contradiction is that i do have one or two close friend but i don't want to talk them about...
  5. Ikarus Diary

    Life's Been Truly Hard, But I'm Still Alive

    Hi. It's been a while since I last posted on here. I have no idea of how many people read these entries, how many care or how many just read out of curiosity. Either way, I'm already grateful if you're already in here. Because lately that feeling of loneliness have risen at its maximum...
  6. Rodafina

    People squish me. (seeking advice)

    I’m working on being happy. I’m not aiming for permanent bliss. I just want to find enough happiness to support the theory that it’s worth it to face each day and worth it to be alive. So here’s an issue where I could use some counsel – when I am alone, the music is great, I spend time cooking...
  7. DystopiaIncognito

    30+ and now getting diagnosed

    Hi there, I'm a 36-year-old woman from Europe and have been living in isolation for years, even before current world events hit. I have a hard time seeking contact with people even though I'm quite lonely. Since I'm in the process of getting diagnosed I decided to join this Forum. It would be...
  8. M

    Renting a friend/paying someone to talk or hang out with you

    I came across a couple websites where you can pay people to act like they're your friend (they'll talk to you, text, hang out, go to a movie, restaurant, or party). What do you think about it? Has anyone tried it? I think it could be helpful to talk about special interests, work on social...
  9. Gerald Wilgus

    How do I prepare myself?

    While updating our wills I realize that I will likely survive my spouse. On my mother's side of the family nobody died earler than 99, and I am more like them than not. The consequences of that scares me, especially as I am dealing with cPTSD from isolation and loneliness earlier in life. My...
  10. Sophia S

    Not sure on how to keep friends over the summer, Help?

    Ive officially been on summer break for about a week now and I already feel lonely? For context I just finished a year at a new highschool and my first group of friends didnt really work out. I made some new ones in the last two weeks but they were already very close before that. I friended many...
  11. Markness

    Suffering from another depression attack

    I’ve been suffering from another depression attack. I feel anhedonia in regards to things I normally find enjoyment in. I have stacks of books I’ve either bought or rented from the library I have yet to read and I don’t even touch any of my video game consoles. I barely listen to music anymore...
  12. The Autistic Warrior


    Hello, I am a boy of 19 years old, I am mildly autistic, I feel very lonely and I have a bad home situation. I'm looking for a friend who can be of all ages to play games or stay with. Greetings Johan
  13. W

    My Aspie Man

    I am at my wit;s end, please at least listen and hopefully understand. I am a disabled woman who is virtually housebound, I can only get out with the help of my aspie partner. When I am at home I am limited in what I can do physically because of my disablements so I am only able to do stuff...
  14. Lundi

    Is eating alone in a restaurant now a big taboo?

    Since I am quite a solitary person, I tend to eat in restaurants by myself instead of with friends, and obviously without girlfriend/wife. If I travel I do the same, just table for one. However, I notice that here where I live people really seem to dislike people who eat alone in restaurants...
  15. C


    Hiya I've spent the last few years stumbling about in a kind of exhausted stupor; finally got my diagnosis a year ago. I always thought it was my fault for not having friends, because I barely got out of the house. Now I've started uni; and I've been making a conscious effort to socialize...
  16. wyverary

    Sad, Sad Songs

    Whether it's music to accompany a recent breakup, or to play at a funeral, or to convert your mood from Euphoric-Party Mode to Now-I-just-want-to-die-in-a-rainy-gutter-clutching-an-empty-bottle-of-cheap-bourbon Mode, or if it's just something that for whatever reason brings tears to your eyes...
  17. S

    Any tips on connecting or feeling OK?

    I have been feeling very low and isolated recently. It was worse this week as my children were ill, so I hardly left the house. I've realised I have to push a bit to make opportunities to speak to people. But I'm in the usual trapped situation that seems common on here - I crave connection, and...
  18. Mathophobe

    Depressed About Still Being a Virgin

    I'm twenty-two and I've never had sex. Still being a virgin is a frequent source of distress for me. Sometimes I get so depressed over it that I can't function, which is especially problematic since I'm a college student. It makes me feel like such a beta loser. I've been told not to give the...
  19. Sozdatelniza

    Losing my only best friend

    I always had troubles with making friends since I have high-functioning autism. I was never really interested in communication because I didn't met common people. Nevertheless, I started to talk with one person 6 months ago. He was autistic as well and we had surprisingly a lot of common...
  20. 10PurpleHippopotamuses

    Intense anxiety and making friends.

    How have some of you made friends when you have extreme anxiety? I'm not in school, and I'm not comfortable going to public spaces, especially places that are supposed to be social, but I also want to have friends. It gets lonely always being at home by myself, but I also don't know how to...
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