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  1. G

    Interview my characters

    Hi, I want to post a thread where I discuss something big, it's related to my plans of becoming a homesteader, unfortunately, I can't find the time to do that. However I have found the time look up information on writing a novel, today I came across a video that among other things recommended in...
  2. G

    I'm trying to write a book that has Autistic Characters in it

    I need specific advice here. As I've mentioned before in another thread, I'm writing a novel in which I hide the fact that certain characters are Autistic until chapter 5. I'm hoping that NTs/CLs (as I call them and as they're later referred to in the novel) in the audience gets hooked on the...
  3. G

    Publishing a novel

    So, to cut a long story short, my An Appeal to Heaven series is now going to be both a novel and this sort of online picture story. (again, it’s a long story that I don’t have time to go into on) This leads me to think about publishing, and how expensive and difficult it could be; what is your...
  4. G

    Excerpts from books I’m reading. (Trigger Warning)

    I thought I’d start a thread in which post interesting and thought-provoking things I’m coming across in the books I’m reading. Most of it will be from Lord of the Rings, but one of the books I’m reading is The Gulag Archipelago, hence the Trigger Warning, though I’ll try to avoid anything too...
  5. G

    Writing a story where the hero isn't the protagonist

    In my fantasy trilogy, there is character in the book that is sort of a traditional hero. He appears now and then throughout the trilogy as a minor character, sometimes even a bit of comic-relief character, and then around midway through the third book he finally emerges as a traditional hero...
  6. G

    What resources are needed to make and publish a graphic novel?

    I'm starting to realize that story writing isn't just going to be a hobby for me, but my career, despite how difficult that may be. I still want to explore some of my other career ideas when I can, especially that Catholic art-selling site; but for now, I'm going to explore my literary ideas and...
  7. G

    The Thief and the Queen, Chapter 1: There is a Thief (Rough Draft) (Part 2)

    Chapter 1 There is a Thief (Continued) “Your Majesty, my Lady!” Another officer entered the tent, this one was accompanied a group of soldiers and a man they had captured, he had long dark messy hair, messy facial hair, and a rough, muscular build; it was Haroman. “Speak officer!” Answered...
  8. G

    The Thief and the Queen, Chapter 1: There is a Thief (Rough Draft) (Part 1)

    Chapter 1 There is a Thief Haroman saw many orange glows in the direction of the capital city of Háloma. He was traveling southeast pass the capital. What an unusual night this is! He thought to himself. Is the capital really on fire!?! Haroman turned and headed straight east towards Háloma...
  9. G

    The Thief Trilogy

    Haroman Cordévaudoruz is a thief that has wandered the Kingdom of Inhabía for many years, he has managed avoid many difficult situations, but now he has found himself caught up in something inescapable. The Kingdom of Inhabía is under attack by the Waréang Kingdom, a powerful Kingdom from the...
  10. BrokenBoy

    Does anyone else love Bret Easton Ellis novels?

    He's probably up there with NiSiOiSiN and Murakami Haruki as one of my favorite authors. His stories are so funny that I laugh out loud more than once and yet they can also be very bleak and emotional near the end. I will never forget the very dark plotline in In The Rules of Attraction where...
  11. Z

    Books which give a good and accurate portrayel of Autism

    What books do people think show a positive but realistic view of autism? I think Mockingbird and The Curious Incident in the Dog in the Night Time.
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