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  1. Georgia Galaxy

    Explaining Special Interests out of Love

    I'm actually pretty annoyed because most times, when I open up about something I like (My Little Pony for example, which has adult jokes and references that adults will get) the others in my family usually run away because they have to go to work (which I understand now is not personal), say...
  2. Georgia's Aspie Blog


    1. Do you ever have negative, one-sided or short-lived friendships with others? Because man, I've already had two of those this year and it's kinda hit me in the head like a nail >_<;; I feel like it's not a good sign when a friendship feels more like a struggle instead of something that's...
  3. Rodafina

    People squish me. (seeking advice)

    I’m working on being happy. I’m not aiming for permanent bliss. I just want to find enough happiness to support the theory that it’s worth it to face each day and worth it to be alive. So here’s an issue where I could use some counsel – when I am alone, the music is great, I spend time cooking...
  4. Gerald Wilgus

    How do I prepare myself?

    While updating our wills I realize that I will likely survive my spouse. On my mother's side of the family nobody died earler than 99, and I am more like them than not. The consequences of that scares me, especially as I am dealing with cPTSD from isolation and loneliness earlier in life. My...
  5. ChibiChick


    Okay, so I've only recently discovered I might be autistic, and I've been homebound off and on for a good almost 7 years now. I haven't been going out, avoid grocery stores, can't even walk past a certian point without going into a panic attack. At first, I thought it was because my officially...
  6. simetra

    Trust issues due to being socially oblivious

    In school, my classmates used to call me naive. I believed everything people told me because I did not even consider the possibility they might be lying to me. I did not see any reason they would. Turns out, people tend to lie, or at least not tell the whole truth, a little more often than I...
  7. SusanLR

    Facing life...but don't really want to

    Sometimes you just can't win.
  8. Paralleluniverse

    Almost 31 and cannot stick to a job

    Ok beautiful non NTs.. I'm a 30 y o female holding multiple academic degrees from top business schools but the fact is because I've studied for more than one masters my career has not peaked because I started proper work when I was 26 before that I had done one full time job when I was 22 just...
  9. wyverary

    Sad, Sad Songs

    Whether it's music to accompany a recent breakup, or to play at a funeral, or to convert your mood from Euphoric-Party Mode to Now-I-just-want-to-die-in-a-rainy-gutter-clutching-an-empty-bottle-of-cheap-bourbon Mode, or if it's just something that for whatever reason brings tears to your eyes...
  10. texkag

    Carer crisis

    Is anyone her in a caring role? I care for my wife who has two autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia and a recently diagnosed blood clot. Right now her knee has little cartilage left in it and she is virtually immobile as a result. Both of my children are teenagers on the autistic spectrum (both...
  11. Paralleluniverse

    30, attractive but perpetually misunderstood

    Ok amazing folks...I just joined this forum. Got diagnosed with aspergers officially last year, 30 y o female. The funny thing is that although the diagnosis is meant to be empowering the only person who gets me is the psychologist who diagnosed me. I've been told that I'm beautiful , hot...
  12. spacegirlalienfairy

    Hi, there!

    Well, I am actually feeling rather shy, even scared, to be joining your forum. I am self-diagnosed, & I realized I was autistic about a year ago, by reading autistic people's own personal stories. My therapist, who I've been seeing for a long time, agrees with me & says that autism is the best...
  13. Gamma V

    Soda/Sugar Addiction and Prozac Dosage

    I'm still dealing with the soda/sugar addiction I posted about several months ago, and I had to put up with another lecture from my mother yesterday about how, if I gain more weight and outgrow my clothes, I can't afford new ones. The night before, I actually had a dream in which someone...
  14. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    Derailed (First published Sep 2017)

    Things have apparently been going too well. My blissful transition from anxiety-wracked nerdy under-achiever to contented, thankful, hopeful individual has been rudely sidetracked by something known as Chronic Migraine. This insidious and little understood condition is extremely distressing...
  15. Jorg

    Going to therapist even If I had already a solution?

    Well, yesterday I had a meltdown, I was just too angry and anxious because I get frustrated trying to be social, a friend left me and that justs added more anxiety. Well after several months with the idea I just concluded that if trying to fit in society and being social just f**cks me up I have...
  16. M

    Bolting from church

    Today my mother wanted to go to church to pray for a specific intention, so I offered to go with her. We waited for several minutes before the Mass began, but the social stress was too much for me to handle, so I had to leave. I told her I would walk home, but she offered to leave with me...
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