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  1. AspiAngie

    Social Anxiety, Severe Insecurity and Avoidant Personality Disorder due to family?

    I watched a video on YouTube by Psych2Go called 10 Signs Your Parents are Making You Depressed after I got home from dropping off my insulting mom at her building. I am 49, and she still can make me feel like crap. When I watched the video I knew it was true in my life and this is what I...
  2. AndyTrunks

    Shining some light on Insecurities - How autism affects siblings.

    Editor's Note: Having actually written it all out in one big page really puts things into perspective. That's some damn impressive levels of insecurity I have about myself there lol. Having said that though, I’ve decided to post what i wrote, as is. instead of putting it back in the box. I think...
  3. Joshua the Writer

    I Want to be More Open About Having Autism!

    I would like to be more open about having autism, both on the internet AND offline with my peers and other friends. My Autism has always been a major insecurity for me, and I'm trying to find a healthier way of being less insecure about it than the way I used to try to feel more secure about my...
  4. D

    Friendships - usual insecurities? Looking for some insight.

    Hello everyone! Ever since I discovered I might be aspie I've been really pondering on my past social relationships. It's always been tricky - as a child I had a few play friends, but usually I would play by myself and didn't get along easily with more commanding girls. In middle school, I had a...
  5. kbb0

    Hello! Feeling a bit unsure of myself

    Hi everyone! My therapist of one year suggested that I might have Aspergers a couple days ago and after doing some research I think she might be right. Ever since then I have been feeling like I don't know who I am anymore, even though obviously nothing has changed. I have been diagnosed and...
  6. Nemo

    Beauty insecurity?

    Hey, I get worried a lot of the time about whether I am perceived as beautiful/conventionally attractive. I have a theory this relates to my (mild) Aspergers and not being able to "read" other people, but I don't know. Does anyone have similar thoughts? I'd love to hear what other people think...
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