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independent living

  1. G

    Autism and Independent Living?

    I'm new here, so I don't really know what I'm doing, sorry. I'm Ginger, I'm 26, and I was diagnosed when I was 9 with what we now call ASD. As such I've received minimal support through my life because of being considered "high functioning" even though I do definitely need some supports in...
  2. G

    Farming and Homesteading

    I'm seriously thinking of becoming a Farmer or Homesteader. (I'm like 95-98% sure of this) Even before this whole Covid-thing hit, I wanted to like find some kind of part-time work or volunteer thing I could do to support farmers out of respect for them. Now with this whole Covid-thing running...
  3. G

    Body Language skills

    Awhile ago on here, someone mentioned the importance of body language in social skills. I want to learn more about it and the importance of it for an Aspie. I'm hoping do be more independent this year, and I'll need to have good social skills in order to live that independent life. So please...
  4. Andrew206

    Concerns about living independently

    I want to live independently, but have concerns. One of them is finding a safe place to live. Another is finding a place that doesn’t have a long wait. Also, if I must live with someone else, I need to find someone who is trustworthy. I’m working with an independent living specialist, but...
  5. P

    Reflecting on My Journey to Independence

    Has anyone else ever looked back at where they've been in life and kind of done a double take when you realize just how much you've accomplished in spite of having Autism? I've been doing that a lot recently, especially with regards to living independently. After spending some time thinking...
  6. Joshua the Writer

    I'd Like to Get My Own Place to Live Before 18

    Note: Click on my username if you need to research my state's laws. I'm 16, btw. I really want my own place to live. As soon as possible. I just want to have more independence. I know that would be challenging in of itself. Especially with my Autism. However, I'll just try to work out any...
  7. Onna

    Onna thoughts

    I want to try and help people explain autism and/or understand it from the perspective of someone with Aspergers.
  8. As sweet as-pie

    Employing a carer / personal assistant (UK)

    Hi everyone. I was just wondering if any of you had experience employing a private carer or personal assistant yourself as opposed to being given one by social services etc. I'm in the UK and currently fighting to get disability benefits so I also have no faith in the social system that they'd...
  9. MROSS

    The CA Regional Center System & High-Functioning Autism?

    What is ILS? (yes, this is meant as a rhetorical question). ILS is an acronym for (Independent Living Services), services that are offered by the CA Regional Center System (established by the 'Lanterman Act') to assist developmentally disabled clients with both routine, and not so routine tasks...
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