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  1. Sabrina

    The Invention of Lying

    Hi! I watched a movie that I think all aspies should see. It's called The Invention of Lying. It takes place in a fantasy world where everybody tells the truth, and suddenly a guy realizes that he can lie, and that it is very powerful! I am 47-yrs-old, but only up until I was 40 I realized...
  2. Ylva

    Bad truthing

    Like some walking stereotype, I have always been committed to telling the truth, to keep things simple. Looking back over the first twenty-five years of my life, which is when I thought I was neurotypical, it looks like I might as well have lied, because many couldn't be bothered to believe me...
  3. J

    Can I trust him?

    Hi guys, NTish (w/adhd) woman here. I recently got into a relationship with a HFA guy. Now, as an NT person, it’s REALLY hard for me to take things at face value, especially when it comes to dating. Things took off FAST between us. It took maybe a couple dates for him to tell me he loved me...
  4. Ginseng

    Obtaining greater intimacy in our relationships

    I think this article has some good points. I disagree with them regarding their fidelity beliefs, but other than that I found it helpful. Does anyone else have anything to add about intimacy? I want to focus on being closer to others. I am not in a relationship and probably won’t be this late in...
  5. BeachLife

    I see "too much" detail

    Hi all, After recent diagnosis, I have a deeper awareness of aspects of myself . It is still like a mystery unfolding. I have been thinking a lot about hyper focus. I have seem to cause negative interpretions of my personality and annoying, upsetting or even angering people by including...
  6. Mr Allen

    How honest are you?

    Above. Today I went on a Tram with a carer to the Cinema, I showed my pass but forgot to ask to pay for the carer's Tram ticket and the conductor assumed I have plus 1 on my pass for carers, I don't get high enough benefit for that (blame the UK government), but I didn't say anything and told...
  7. M

    Louie CK and his apology

    Long ago, I realized that the reason I liked Louis CK's form of comedy and other similar comedians, was because he blurted our original and even thoughtful jokes. No matter how surprising or or shocking. He didn't seem so affected by the rules of society, or how he was supposed to act. It...
  8. Cogs Of My Cranium

    Should I be angry?

    I found out about my aspergers at 27 and I mentioned this word aspergers to my dad who has a severely autistic brother. My words were, 'There's this thing called aspergers' to which he replied he knew this word and I said 'Well I think I have it' Then my dad said 'You do yes'. He then went on to...
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