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  1. Y

    My hobby is making me want to die

    I got back into playing Warhammer 40k recently, excited to be playing it again after years of not playing. But ever since I started I haven't won a single match. Every time I play I get beaten, and the last three games I did went so badly that I had to forfeit in the middle of round two because...
  2. savi83

    Amateur/Ham Radio

    Hi everybody, I have been thinking of getting into Amateur/Ham Radio for a while now. I'm not really into the social side of the hobby but have a great interest in the technical side. Once you get to certain level you are able to build circuits to transmit/receive voice/data. Has anyone on...
  3. AngelaS267

    What's Your Favorite Youtube Channel?

    Hey guys! I am looking for some interesting new channels to watch and would love to know what your favorite channel is and why. It can be absolutely any channel or topic. Mine is EmmyMadeinJapan. Her channel is so comforting, she's really smart, and she's educational when she's making or...
  4. Misery

    Tabletop/card/board games (both physical and digital)

    Okay, so, lately I seem to have developed a new special interest, which is quite an experience... not something I go through very often! Board/card games, specifically, which often also fall into the "tabletop" category for some people (though usually that word is about things like D&D). As...
  5. Mechanical Keyboards

    Mechanical Keyboards (Entry 2): Switches, Customization, and Building

    In this Entry, I will be talking about the various Mechanical Switches one can find in Mechanical Keyboards, generally pre-built ones, along with the Customization options and how one can Create their own Keyboard. As apart of my first Entry, I briefly talked about the 3 "keyfeels" of...
  6. M

    The Book Club

    This is a thread dedicated for any book discussion. I’ve noticed from the “topics you talk often about “ that there are a few who like to read. So, if you want to talk about your favorite book that you’re currently reading again, have a book that just spoke to you and your soul or have a...
  7. A

    My Art

    I have been making artwork my entire life and now I take AP art in high school. It's so much fun! I recently made a website to show off my art and I want to sell it after I graduate. Here is the link: ARYANNA HORAN ART
  8. Ameriblush

    Anyone know of an animation app like this?

    Anyone on here familiar with apps like Flipaclip and others? They take inspiration from the old days of animation where the artist had to draw each frame of animation individually, then put the frames together and move them quickly to simulate movement. On the apps, you basically draw a frame of...
  9. Tulipa

    Need an advice

    Hi everybody! I need an advice or some stories from you. In my childhood I used to dance contemporary, but they told me, that my body was not good enough and I could get a trauma. Now I am afraid of doing something. I really wanna play guitar and other instruments, I wanna sing, make music, but...
  10. Thaddeus

    Amazing DIY machine work!

    Check out these two sites of people who have built some incredible devices in their spare time. They have been serious inspiration to me! A guy who makes clocks: Home A woman, a god, an enigma! Tatjana J. van Vark ~ INDEX
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