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high functioning autistic

  1. Kavigant

    Question about getting diagnosed later in life

    I’m an older adult who recently learned what High Functioning Autism (or ASD1) is, and I’ve been completely blown away at suddenly having a “unified field theory” for just about all the weird things I’ve been at a loss to explain for more than fifty years. So I quickly made an appointment for...
  2. S

    Did you have an IEP/ILP in school?

    Please reply to this thread. I am from the US. In the US, the special education services are known as an IEP. In the UK, the special education services are known as an ILP. As I am a high-functioning autistic, I had an IEP from preschool to high school. An IEP is given for students who have a...
  3. S

    Managing Special Interests

    I need help managing special interests. Please reply to this thread. I was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism (HFA) at age 3. As a result of the intense special interests, I cannot make any NT (neurotypical) friends as they all think I am 'weird' and that I have 'unusual' or 'odd'...
  4. S

    Autistic Special Interests

    I have some questions on autistic special interests (SpIns). I was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism (HFA) at age 3. I had many special interests throughout my childhood and adolescence. Currently, my special interests are time zones, electric plugs and voltages, electronics, and...
  5. qw0


    basically, i think i have hfa. i stim (nail biting, pacing, rocking back and forth, repeating words/phrases i think are comforting/funny, etc) i have very poor execution dysfunction, trouble picking up social cues and im very socially awkward. i was once the "gifted child", but high school shows...
  6. My3girls

    Hi, new here.

    Thank you for the friendly hello. I have never done a forum before but was encouraged to try some. It is nice to know that there are others out there going through similar things as we are. I have 3 girls, my middle daughter was diagnosed with HF Autism when she was about 18 mons. I am grateful...
  7. Genesis

    Hello! This is Genesis ^__^

    I'm new to this particular forum, because I mostly spend time on other forums like Autism Friends Network moderating it once in awhile. I'm interested to see where it goes from here. Currently I'm a janitor at a local retail store, with hopes of wanting to go back to school pretty soon. Also my...
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