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help autism

  1. Galvatrancis

    I see a lot of memes stereotyping ADHD and autism.

    How should i react to it ? I get really sad that a lot of memers dont understand these conditions, and just try to use them to look funny. Example: One time i sawed a " gumball portrayed by " video about mental disorders, and the time autism came, it just represented it as people screaming. It...
  2. ChibiChick

    Need Help Understanding

    I'm relatively new to the autism world and autism in general, so I need some help here. What's the difference between meltdowns, sensory overload and panic attacks? Because, today, like most days, I experienced what I thought was a panic attack but lately I've been thinking it might be sensory...
  3. S

    Im not sure how long i can keep going. Can someone please give me advice

    Im not really sure how to ask what i want to. I am a 22 year old male that lives in the UK and believes he has autism and has been on the waiting list for nearly 8 months. For nearly all my life ive suffered from depression and sucidal thoughts but over the past 8 months it has got to the point...
  4. R

    Any advice? I think I’m losing my mind

    Hello all, I’m feeling so alone and desperately seeking advice. My son is almost 3 and level 3 autistic non verbal, so communication is a problematic area. We are still trying to get him interested in signing simple things but he has no interest. He is becoming more violent and refuses to...
  5. K

    My son got hurt at school

    Hi everyone, I need some help. My son was diagnosed with severe autism and he is also non verbal. He is about to turn 5 and he started the ecap program at school. There is one teacher and two para professionals and they are only allowed to have a maximum of 9 kids. The last time I checked there...
  6. I

    I can't be the only one

    So..i hope im not the only one who goes through this but it seems whenever i make a mistake others just have to point it out even when i notice it especially when they know i have autism all my friends treat me like im either to crazy to smart or to stupid everyone thinks i dont think before...
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