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help and support

  1. JoSchi

    Survey about behavioral or developmental disorders for a study

    Hello there! As some of you know (Working on an app to support ASD) I'm currently looking to build something, together with my partner, to help people with ASD and other behavioral or developmental disorders. I faced a lot of challenges after my diagnosis and I'm sometimes stuck because the...
  2. A

    I drank diluted dish soap in my squash!!??

    I think there was some left over in the cup after it had been washed I had about 2 gulps I’m mega anxious should I be ok!!??
  3. M

    How to help my mom with results of my diagnosis?

    Hey guys! I'm 21 years old girl and got diagnosed with autism in November. I was getting ready for diagnosis for almost 6 months until I decided to finally risk. As therapist said, I don't fit in all traits and I seem to be neurotypical, yet she also said that I'm in the spectrum, but because of...
  4. F

    ASD And Stringent Rules around Friendships

    Hi There, I need some help/advice on what is "normal" when it comes to friendships. I have found myself with very few friendships, and I'm holding on by a thread with the remaining connections I have. I have realised that I perhaps have a different set of expectations than others and maybe the...
  5. autism-and-autotune

    Third time's the charm for the charmless

    I don't know what to do. This is the third time that our boundaries have been violated and my parents showed up to my door without warning. Third and a half, if one counts the note which my father left a month ago. I trust that they traveled here, two hours away, because Friday was a holiday and...
  6. autism-and-autotune

    I'm feeling conflicted and unhappy with my family situation. May I have some validation and/or advice? (trigger warning, also, I think)

    To preface this, my fiance advises me to take charge of my own mental health and respect my own boundaries. I recognize too that I must do this but I hate that there is that subconscious pull in my gut that says 'standing up for yourself? How wrong! You can't do that!' Surely those brought up by...
  7. B

    Hello all :) I am here trying to research on behalf of my s/o, please take some time to read this

    I'm attempting to look for some answers to some of the questions I have, and my first thought was to come to a place where of course... people have the same experiences and such as what im asking about. I do not struggle with autism myself, which makes it harder to understand my boyfriend but...
  8. YancyyyComet9000

    How do I deal with overstimulation when my family don't understand?

    How do I deal with overstimulation I'd my family don't understand? Whenever I'm overstimulated I just have to act as normal. My family have picked up on how I don't like physical contact so they often try to hug me or touch my shoulders and on those days its just so much worse. My family...
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