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  1. autism-and-autotune

    This weekend is my last at my retail job...

    ...because I applied and got accepted for a new job all by myself! It's been a tumultuous month; sorry I've been gone for so long. In my retail job, I couldn't stand only relying on one or two days per week of working due to my 'limited hours.' It seriously wasn't an issue over the spring and...
  2. autism-and-autotune

    My accommodations at work FINALLY got approved!

    I can now wear a pin which displays my selective mutism :) Also, my managers have been super understanding and accommodating for what tasks I know I can do, and understanding of my abilities and limitations. I was worried because I'd heard this particular location wasn't the kindest towards...
  3. Roxiee

    Update on my ex: ( happy news!)

    So, they are still hunting him but they are appealing to the inner public for information as he's a high risk abuser. But, they are still supporting me and checking in on me, they've given me a buzzer so if I see him I press that and they get alarmed and will come to me ASAP. So, I feel lot more...
  4. iamlindsaythatisall

    Hey, y'all...

    I just had an interview with a job that I believe I will absolutely love! We will see if I will get the job, but the interview went really well! And the dude said he really vibed with me, so that felt great to hear :) I'm thinking he's a tad neurodivergent, as well. This is so exciting!! Happy...
  5. Angie97797

    Happy stim!

    I just happy stimmed for like five minutes because I got a skeleton horse in Minecraft lmao. I named him Jack after Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. I also happy stimmed today because I’m having a sleepover with my best friend tomorrow! I’m very excited. Admittedly it does sound...
  6. Skittlebisquit

    This momentous day

    THIS MOMENTOUS DAY...R.H. WHITE. Not one day in anyone’s life…is an uneventful day, no day without profound meaning, no matter how dull and boring it might seem, no matter whether you are a seamstress or a queen, a shoeshine boy or a movie star, a renowned philosopher or a Down’s-syndrome...
  7. EeveeFae

    Is this an autism thing or a me thing?

    From the beginning of the pandemic to now, except for all the stuff going on outside my home, which meant no more new episodes of shows I like, I am honestly pretty happy with the staying at home stuff. I felt/feel really relieved to not have to talk to strangers or go through the confusing and...
  8. inabox

    How do you respond to Compliments...?

    Does anyone understand this? I have trouble doing things like returning compliments. Things I should do and most times I want to. Like someone says to me "hope you have a good summer". I should reply "you too" and I want to, either because its polite or I actually mean it, or both. But something...
  9. Ginseng

    Lets create a theme song ♫

    Good morning Autista peeps. I find myself looking once again on this cold dreary morning for the perfect Autistic song. One we can all connect with. Could their be such a song? Do you know of one? Does anyone want to get together with me to try and write one? I think we need a theme song. I can...
  10. apassingword

    What made you happy today?

    just post anything that brightened up your day. I just found out that some distant relatives of mine own a liquor store and give me a discount. I'm going to get a decent bottle of scotch. :bounce:
  11. Gritches

    Having Fun the Right Way

    Hey ya'll. I'm just particularly happy right now and I wanted to talk a bit about my relationship with the phenomenon known broadly as "fun", and how I came to have more fun than I ever have in my life. In recent times, I've achieved an unprecedented level of happiness. Ever since I heard the...
  12. AustinTheAspie

    Nice guy when happy, A**hole when mad

    What is wrong with me? Normally I'm a very kind, considerate, compassionate person, but when someone wants to test me, I see something that makes me mad, someone treats me like garbage for no reason, or steps up to me; I turn from being the nicest guy you'll ever meet to just the biggest a**hole...
  13. Jorg

    Happy New Year: 2017

    Altough for many of us may be just a change of date, for others is a special day and the oportunity to erase the past and for a new begining, whatever you think I just want to wish everyone here a happy new year and a very successfull one, may you find peace and love not just on 2017 but in...
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