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  1. T

    Not my first time on one of these Forums, Hi hello

    Hi, there everybody. You can call me Tom, or Mid-Sneke. Or John, those are all acceptable. I'm 24 going on 25, never employed, I have had a DD waiver since I was 18. I was diagnosed when I was 5, and I've never been in a relationship. I live with my parents, and my hobbies are reading, listening...
  2. CDMcVey

    Greetings everyone!

    Greetings to those that read this post and a deep thanks. I just recently got my ASD diagnosis coupled with C-PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression (even though I don't feel depressed). I was even tested to have a higher than average IQ which makes this seem all the more frustrating for me. I have...
  3. Bristol


    Hey, my name is Bristol, and I've been diagnosed with high functioning autism. I came on here in hopes of emotional support and friendship, as I'm going through some rough times in my life (no self esteem, depression, anxiety, etc). Hopefully no one takes advantage of me during this time, but...
  4. Chenelle

    Hi All!

    Um hi, I'm a bit shy and am looking for a community that I can explain things to and make friends. I have a hard time understanding...almost everything... and just recently started to develop new cognitive skills outside of my genetic deficits. I've been learning about non localised...
  5. Ally Tigue

    Greetings and Salutations

    My name is Ally. I made this account so long ago, I don't even remember making it. I am in need of more human connection with those that understand me. So I figured coming back on here and giving this a try would be the best way. I am a singer/songwriter. I play ukulele and make YouTube videos...
  6. RiverSong

    What’s With the Good Morning Thing?

    I’m wondering if anyone else is bothered or annoyed by this or if I’m just weird in this regard, but I don’t see the point in saying good morning to the same people day after day. I’m not talking about a stranger I’ve seen on the street and end up saying “Morning” to. I’m not even talking about...
  7. SilencedShadows

    Greetings Community :)

    Name is Nick, I love making art, youtube videos, enjoy role-playing, as well as love watching anime. Video games also is one of my most favorite things. I hope there can be some friends to be met on here. Would really enjoy talking with others for I'm lonely and am under depression at the moment...
  8. M

    Welcoming new users

    Vinca, and maybe others will have noted lately that I post welcome messages on the profiles of new users if they have already posted on the forum but don't yet have any messages on their profiles. My format begins with 'hello and welcome' and then either thanking them for their first post, if...
  9. Crazy Dave

    Introducing: Crazy Dave!

    Hello, I am new here. And forums are quite new to me too. First of all, my name is Dave, Crazy Dave.. Why am I called "Crazy Dave"? BECAUSE I'M CRAAAAAAAZY!!! I have used the nickname Crazy Dave for a while now. If I remember right, one of the kids at my church called me that because I really...
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