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  1. S

    Top 'games' for creative individuals!

    I felt like making this to recommend sandboxing experiences, game 'apps', simulators, or games that focus on artistic, engineering, creative, or design sensibilities rather than those of traditional games. These would include games with heavy sandboxing modes, or at least a huge emphasis on...
  2. Stuttermabolur

    Common childhood interests you did not have

    The question isn't well worded, but basically, I am wondering about what "play" behaviour you exhibited as children which was atypical: More specifically, what activities did your peers perform but you didn't care about at all? I am mainly thinking about ages 10 and under. When I was a kid, I...
  3. Rodafina


    I think I searched all 16 pages of forum games, and I’ve found red, green, blue, purple, and rainbow for color posting games. Why no orange and yellow? (please someone, tell me if it’s there and I am just missing it.) I don’t know if I just like things to be complete, or if I sometimes have a...
  4. Joshua the Writer

    Your Shooter Game Play Style?

    What is your play style in shooter games? Whenever I play a shooter game that has some sort of "capturing" or any other objective that isn't just "blast the enemy into bits," I usually tend to play that objective very aggressively. I usually just equip either an SMG, an LMG, and Assualt Rifle...
  5. savi83

    Struggling with Games

    Hi everybody, Does anyone struggle to enjoy playing games? I have tried playing many different games; computer games, boardgames, card games, snooker/pool, etc but I have never enjoyed them. From time to time I will take part to please others and so that I'm not segregating myself from them...
  6. M

    Free things to watch and or do online

    As we are mainly restricted to not going out anywhere for a few weeks where I am. I've managed to find a few things online to alleviate boredom. Please add favourite links of websites that may be of interest to others: 1,150 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns | Open...
  7. H

    What are your favorites?

    Heyoo to you! What are your favorite... ... tv shows/webseries? ... movies? Cartoon movies? ... bands/musicians? ... games? ... books? Is there anything else you really like/love? What's it? Sometimes I don't have anyone to talk to about my special interests. So just made a list of them!
  8. Too Many Dice

    Too Many Dice

    So, today, I'm just gonna ramble about a specific board game I've been into. Why? Because I bloody well can, that's why. Nobody can stop me. Well, maybe Batman could. Yeah, there's other hobbies I havent talked about yet, but they're a bit more difficult to do, so I'll hold off a bit till...
  9. Misery

    Sarcastic ramblings about whatever (and my hobbies)

    Welcome, all, to whatever this is! Here I'll be tending to ramble on about my various interests, hobbies (things like board games, drones, VR, and so on), or whatever other nonsense occurs to me. Apparently, some people like reading this stuff. Cant imagine why. Inside of this, you'll find...
  10. Joshua the Writer

    SCP Foundation

    Yeah, I do plan on writing stuff about SCP Foundation. Since some SCPs are really freaking terrifying, I am gonna do the cutest and least deadly of them all first. Anyways, here is SCP-999: The Tickle Monster. ——————— Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-999 is allowed to...
  11. Misery

    Tabletop/card/board games (both physical and digital)

    Okay, so, lately I seem to have developed a new special interest, which is quite an experience... not something I go through very often! Board/card games, specifically, which often also fall into the "tabletop" category for some people (though usually that word is about things like D&D). As...
  12. Bolletje

    Older games you keep coming back to

    What games do you find yourself revisiting periodically? My regulars (yearly or so) are: Might & Magic 6 and 7 Baldurs Gate and Baldurs Gate II Fallout (all of them, except for tactics) The Elder Scrolls (Oblivion and Skyrim) Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Dungeon Keeper Theme Hospital...
  13. Joshua the Writer

    An Aspie Life | Game Made by An Autistic Teen

    An Aspie Life is a video game about a boy on the spectrum whose roommate left the apartment unexpectedly. It was made by an autistic teen named Brad Hennessy. It's a good game from what I could tell from the 20 minutes of me playing it (I want to save any future playtime on here for my YouTube...
  14. S

    Help with my bacheolor thesis about games

    Hi, I am a student at Uppsala University Gotland, and I'm gathering information for my thesis on how people with autism play games through the survey below. Answering the survey should only take a minute and your answers will be kept completely anonymous. Thank you for your participation. Hej...
  15. Metalhead

    I am a digital hoarder/My epic back log

    Whether I am hoarding anime series on my PC hard drive or adding more video games to my Xbox One hard drive, I have become obsessed with digital hoarding the last few years. I keep telling myself I will eventually go through everything I acquire, but now I have to accept that is an...
  16. Bella Pines

    What are you favourite adverts?

    I think my all time favourite advert is the Nike advert with Deepika Padukone, I watch it when I want to motivate myself to exercise (which doesn't come naturally to me). What are you favourite, most harrowing or impacting adverts?
  17. WittyAspie


    Does anyone on here play WarLight? It's basically an advanced version of Risk. I used to enjoy playing Risk, but WarLight takes it to another level. I can accidentally spend an entire day playing and almost forget to eat. Sometimes whe I have a lot going on in life I have to avoid looking at it...
  18. M

    Do you play games of chance or gamble?

    At a fair when I was teen there was a game, where a series of colored balls would roll down and land on a large map of specifically colored areas. You would bet on which color the balls would land on. And if the same colored ball landed on the identical colored area your money would be doubled...
  19. C

    Favorite apps?

    Hi everyone. Just wondering what favorite apps you might have and use often? Can be for iOS, android, desktop, anything goes. Can be absolutely anything you like, games, planning, relaxation, social media and so on. Have you found anything that has helped with autism specifically? Cory ✌️
  20. M

    Do you sign in when you play games online?

    Almost never do, don't want to chat, just want to play. Usually play against the computer when I play scrabble or other games like it. Don't care to socialize with others players as I really don't want to know them. Do you do the 'socializing' thing? Or do you play on your own against unknown...
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