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  1. blue_bird

    A symptom of Neurodiversity or something else?

    Let me first state that I am not officially diagnosed and only merely brought up the subject of autism once to which I was told by a psychiatrist that I was too intelligent and articulate to be autistic. It seems unlikely that I'll be considered on the spectrum since where I stay only people...
  2. C

    I could use some help

    I have autism and I just started a new job. I really really wanted this job, but now that I have it the change is scary and I don’t have a strict daily work schedule like I used to. It's made me contemplate quitting my dream after just two weeks. I hate myself and I hate this job even though I...
  3. autism-and-autotune

    The Old and Wrong Theory

    My fiance and I watched this informative video last night about autism and vaccines (coincidentally) after getting our booster shots. I guess you could say that I got upgraded? While I'd known before of the scare that autism is caused by vaccines, I didn't know the extent of it. The video is...
  4. Revolutionnaire

    Struggles with sharing

    Forgive me if this is a rambling post I'm not good at being succinct. I never know what's important information and what's simply extraneous detail. I also find it difficult to stay on track because every point I make feels like it needs deeper explanation, clarification and justification. Sort...
  5. L

    How can I accept my diagnose and stop masking?

    TRIGGER WARNING: depression, OCD, anxiety, suicide thoughts. Hello. It'll be a little long, sorry for my broken english: I was diagnosed last november. The process took almost eight months. I was already going to a psycologist since 11 years old and to a psychiatrist, since 15 years. I have...
  6. C

    Where do I Begin?

    Hi there, My name is Christopher, I’m happy to be in this forum :) I joined because I am unsure if I am on the spectrum or not. Some reasons that lead me to believe I am include; I have a strong aversion to certain textures as far as foods go as well as touch, I hate the feeling of rubbing...
  7. Danigt22

    Having a hard time coping with the death of my girlfriend

    I had try getting medical help, but it doesnt really help. Most of the tools they gave me only help roaming my pain. Im a christian, but my SO wasnt. The thought of her in hellfire haunts me. It is being now 4 months since her death. What broke me today into seeking help, was my relapse into...
  8. Misery

    Dealing with scares when home alone

    Okay, so this is one I've been through a few times. I'm home alone for a few days every now and then. Usually when the others head up to the lake house for a couple of days... if I dont feel like going with, I'm stuck here at the main house till they get back. Most of the time, I'm fine. But...
  9. Andie Kinney

    Adopted father has cancer, I'm not sad but feel guilty

    [Already posted in Forums] I found out that my adopted father has lymphoma and I don't feel sad. I was abused and have stopped talking to most of the adopted family. I didn't feel happy finding out but I wasn't sad either. I don't know if this is because of autism or trauma. I do feel anxiety...
  10. As sweet as-pie

    Going abroad for the first time (airport anxiety)

    Hi, I'm going abroad for the first time in 2 weeks from the UK to Europe. I have been to an airport to drop someone off but I've never been through airport security. I am scared of flying but I think I could deal with it in the moment. My biggest anxiety is of the actual airport, mainly...
  11. Mathophobe

    I Think I've Become a Gynophobe

    The title pretty much says it all. I've been a hopeless romantic since I was a little kid, but every girl I've ever tried to get to know has either rejected me or flaked on me. In recent years, I've developed a deep-seated fear of not only women but females in general, even those of animals and...
  12. G

    My ex boyfriend is Asperger and he's broken up with me..again

    Hi. I have had a wonderful boyfriend whom I love dearly. The love of my life really. Now he has broken up with me again. He has told me he has commitment issues but since I have teach autistic kids I knew long ago that he was probably asperger. There is a long list which indicates this. I am NT...
  13. Write, Rinse, Repeat

    Who's Afraid of the Dark?

    Waking in the middle of the night is confusing for me. Things that seem so certain during the daylight hours feel twisted and shadowed. Sometimes even the most simple and good things seem darkened and scary at nighttime. I don't like it. I guess the easy answer seems to be to stay in bed and...
  14. D

    Ever feel stuck?

    Hello! It's been raining for a long while now, no sun and no opportunities to go to the forest and recharge. These days, it's been so hard to do anything. I have to really push myself to do the bare minimum I set out for myself. Eventually I end up in front of the laptop, just zoning out for a...
  15. WittyAspie

    Dysphagia/Pseudodysphagia and ASD

    Does anyone else suffer from dysphagia or pseudodysphagia? I am wondering if there is a link to swallowing issues and autism. I know a lot of autistic kids are particular about food, so there is at least the possibility of a connection. Dysphagia = painful or difficult swallowing...
  16. Jorg

    Depressed, huge anxiety and fear of me, help!

    Hello, for the past month I've felt very anxious, depressed and just this week afraid of myself. The story behind this is a looonngg one, probably some of you have read my other posts. There is this girl I used to know since 2008, we we're both very shy and we both had some feeling for each...
  17. Tulipa

    Need an advice

    Hi everybody! I need an advice or some stories from you. In my childhood I used to dance contemporary, but they told me, that my body was not good enough and I could get a trauma. Now I am afraid of doing something. I really wanna play guitar and other instruments, I wanna sing, make music, but...
  18. Sheogorath

    Not capable of being in a relationship

    I have never been in a relationship before. I've had feelings for people and people have had feelings for me; but I either suppress my own feelings or turn people down who show interest in me. And the weird thing is that I do want a relationship, it's just that I see it as this vague...
  19. SusAssasins

    Does anyone else dislike, hate or fear being photographed?

    Hi again, fellas. Quick introduction to state a clear context related to my question. *Skip this paragraph if you want* Since I was a kid I didn't felt quite comfortable about the idea of being photographed, it felt weird, and it was something I wasn't willing to do but, as I was a little...
  20. AustinTheAspie

    Fear and Outcomes

    Howdy guys, Austin here. Quick question: Does anyone else feel as if fear is holding you back from doing great things? I sure do. But here's the thing, I'm not really afraid of doing it per say, I'm really afraid of the outcome if things go sour. For example, let's say if I go up to a really...
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