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  1. Levitator

    Socrates as a pre-Christian prophet for nerds and logicians

    I wanted to describe the reasons I think Jesus was an anonymous contributor to the testimony of Socrates, and what their combined message was. First of all, I don't subscribe to Christian dogma and religious organization the same way as people who view it as their sports team. Christianity is...
  2. G

    Prayer Requests

    Hello folks, I'm not sure whether or not I want to take a break from this community; but I figured that in the meantime, I would offer to pray for anyone who has any prayer requests. If you have any, by all means submit them here.
  3. A

    Autism and Faith - BBC programme 30 min - with podcast available

    There is a programme on the BBC website about this. Here is the write up for the show. Beyond Believe is the programme that runs every week that looked at this topic this week. Autism and Faith Beyond Belief How easy is it for autistic people to believe in God? The National Autistic...
  4. A

    compassionate christianity 2021-08-19

    lot of links to resources covering a range of aspects of disability. With thanks to @Butterfly88 for posting this originally
  5. Revolutionnaire

    Struggles with sharing

    Forgive me if this is a rambling post I'm not good at being succinct. I never know what's important information and what's simply extraneous detail. I also find it difficult to stay on track because every point I make feels like it needs deeper explanation, clarification and justification. Sort...
  6. A

    centre for the study of autism and christian community

    Centre for the Study of Autism and Christian Community | The School of Divinity, History and Philosophy | The University of Aberdeen I have not come across many places where the autism and faith are discussed. This one seems to be good and relevant. From their website
  7. G

    Christians, can we talk?

    I’m having a really rough day today, and it reminds me that I don’t have that many people to talk to. I mentioned in another thread that the communication in my family is abysmal, and we practically just don’t understand each other at all. (Again, I’m not just talking about me and my parents...
  8. A

    A recent experience of Alexithymia - eye opening for me

    During the easing of the lock down we are allowed to meet outside with another household. My wife organised for some good friends of us to come and visit one afternoon. It was the first time they had been out of their house for many weeks. Afterwards we received a thank you letter form them...
  9. KRISTEN deanna AKLAND

    The last fireflies

    This blog is about emotions. I am aware that I do not express my emotions like most people. I burn on the inside.
  10. AspieWatchmaker

    Spiritual Experience

    Have you ever had a spiritual experience? I am trying to understand what causes people to turn to religion and spirituality. I have read the Wikipedia article on spiritual experience, and it may as well have not existed for what I could glean from it! I am an atheist, and until a recent...
  11. A

    How would you describe your relationship with God?

    A few friendly questions for those who believe in God :) How/when did your relationship with God start? What has helped it grow? How/when do you turn to God? How does God help you navigate life with ASD in an NT world? In what ways do you prefer to spend time with God? In what ways do you...
  12. G

    Husband self diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome

    Hi, I've been on disability S.S for many years now for organic mental disorders. In 2010 I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety. O.C.D and P.T.S.D. I believe I have general anxiety as well but can't remember if I was diagnosed with it or not. I've been married for 6 years and my husband just...
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