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eye contact

  1. S

    Direct eye contact when interacting with NTs

    Please reply to this thread. When I try to make direct eye contact when interacting with NTs, I feel uncomfortable, and I become overstimulated and stressed in social situations. I have some questions. 1. Why do we autistics become overstimulated and stressed with making direct eye contact when...
  2. G

    Do you space-out when discussing detailed things in conversations?

    When you are in a conversation and you engage in social skills like eye-contact and facial expressions, do you space-out you are asking a question, answering a question, explaining something or the like? What I mean is, when you are communicating something to another person, do you stop making...
  3. Vindicator Phoenix

    What Matters, to You, in a Conversation?

    For me, I like: warmth and sympathy noticeable body language (facial expressions, gestures, etc.) smiling/smirking eye contact slow speech people getting my attention, before speaking (instead of sneaking up on me and unloading a rant) diplomacy/democracy non-directiveness friendly voice tone...
  4. J

    Eye contact?

    Hiya I’m new here and wanted to ask a question about eye contact. I am not diagnosed but am on the waiting list but I had to beg to get on it all the gps I have seen have said they won’t refer me as they don’t think I have it. However, one big give away for me I think is ... eye contact. I just...
  5. AHClemist

    Eye contact between aspies: does it feel different?

    I want to pose this question separately from the general eye contact post in the other thread. I'm very curious what you guys think. Because I absolutely loathe confrontation, I am generally almost hyperaware of the people around me. I get overwhelmed by the emotions of others very easily...
  6. Pinkie B

    Vision Problems --> Eye Contact

    After hanging out in the chat room the other day and totally bonding over how totally icky eye contact is (most of the time), I decided to see if I could find out why that's such a common issue to have. I found this article: Why Kids With Autism May Avoid Eye Contact It basically says that...
  7. Ylva

    Eye contact, again

    Here's an article on eyes. What they mean, what they say, how much brain touching to do. (Three seconds, but never more than nine.) For my part, I have to have an extremely good day to be able to count to nine while looking at eyes. I'm starting with three, with eyes on a screen. Thoughts...
  8. Suzanne

    Eye contact IS important

    I have always felt very uncomfortable NOT being able to hold eye contact for long, but always sensed that it is an important part of being aware of another's existance and giving them dignity. Since finding out about aspergers, I have gotten better at eye contact, but mainly with ones I know...
  9. DesertRose

    Do NT'S naturally make eye contact?

    My dad died many years ago. After researching everything I can find on ASD, I recognized several autistic traits in his side of the family, some relatives really stood out as definitely AS or Autistic. My dad literally drilled into me to look people in the eye when I was very young. He was a...
  10. Coupe

    I'm okay (ish) with eye contact?.....

    TW for forced eye contact, coercive/nonconsensual therapy, forced compliance, invasion of personal space, ableism . . . . . When I was about 12 years old, I was sent to "speech therapy" - which turned out to be more of a subtly coercive and profoundly irritating "social skills" class where the...
  11. P

    I have a profound eye contact problem

    My anxiety over making eye contact is somehow so bad that when people pick up on it, they avoid eye contact with me also. Once this is established, interaction becomes painfully awkward. It can make people actually dislike me, especially co-workers, which is a problem. I'm not even sure how to...
  12. The Midge

    Whats normal about eye contact n the animal kingdom?

    I was reading up on this as eye contact between dogs usually means rouble. I have to make sure mine avoids eye contact with certain dogs, Wikipedia said this on an article about eye contact: So it would appear that those on the spectrum have normal eye contact as far as most animals go and...
  13. C

    Can you look into your own eyes?

    Dear Community, hereby I adress all aspies who read my thread: I read that it is an asperger trait not to be able to hold long eye contact with other people. How is it to look into your own eyes in the mirror. Can you do that for a long time? How you feel about it? Could that be a feasable...
  14. mrzippy55

    Question About Eye Contact - Do Some Aspies Make Eye Contact in Early Childhood

    Is it possible for a young child to make some eye contact with family and to smile and recognize people and still have Asperger's? I don't remember my early childhood. In some pictures of myself age 0-4 I am looking into the camera or at another person somewhere near the camera. My mother wrote...
  15. jamse37

    eye contact?

    I only ask as today for the second time by a Health professional we were told our daughter can't have Asperger as she 'looked me in the eye' I believe this is rubbish myself !
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