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  1. Santina

    young man fancies my 3 year old

    Hi, we moved into a rental complex with our 3 year old daughter and our upstairs neighbour (single mum) has a son (24 years old) who has aspergers. I get along well with the mum and my daughter likes her too. So we decided to spend some time together - all 4 of us. We started in March by sitting...
  2. Georgia Galaxy

    Explaining Special Interests out of Love

    I'm actually pretty annoyed because most times, when I open up about something I like (My Little Pony for example, which has adult jokes and references that adults will get) the others in my family usually run away because they have to go to work (which I understand now is not personal), say...
  3. Y

    ND-ND marriage, anything I have not tried?

    I could write a whole book about this but I won't do that to you. The story might sound like a stereotype - wife feels emotionally deprived, disconnected, ND husband says he is doing what she is asking for but she isn't experiencing it the way it "should" be. ND husband apparently unable to see...
  4. M

    Autism and mental illness

    Imagine the following scenario (which I think is fairly common) and tell me whether you think the imaginary person described is mentally ill: An autistic person feels: Sad/depressed because people exclude him or avoid him because he is different. Anxious because people are overly critical of...
  5. Nervous Rex

    I found a perfect analogy for my emotions: Ketchup!

    I realized yesterday that my emotions are either very muted or overwhelming. Something can happen and my reaction will be ... nothing. But at other times, the emotions just come all at once. I thought, "My emotions are like a bottle of ketchup - you either get nothing or you get everything at...
  6. M

    Possible Cause and Cure for Emotional Problems in Autism

    Many autistic people think no one likes them because they're different which can cause a bunch of emotional problems. Limited social interaction may cause you to misunderstand situations and misinterpret people's motives. Emotional reasoning and other cognitive distortions are common so it can...
  7. G

    What's an Aspie's intuition like?

    Our emotions and sensitivity tend be quite different from that of an NT, it makes me wonder, what is our intuition like? How does it compare with the intuition of an NT? Sometimes I have to rely on my intuition a lot because I overthink things.
  8. M


    Up until last year, I thought people treated me poorly because I was different. I blamed them for making me feel worse. I tried hard to act normal but I wasn't perfect and still got criticized. Since I couldn't change how people treated me, I thought there was nothing I could do about it. The...
  9. M

    Alexithymia (trouble identifying and describing emotions)

    WHAT IS ALEXITHYMIA? Alexithymia refers to trouble identifying and describing emotions. Most people learn about emotions from their parents. If your parents did not teach you about emotions or adequately respond to your emotional distress when you were a child, you may have trouble understanding...
  10. PinkPenguin29

    Not Mourning my Dog like I feel like I should

    Trigger warning for anyone who has a hard time with Animal deaths. Normally that's me. but Whatever reason I feel numb. In April we noticed a strange growth on our dogs top Lip. We took him in and did a Biopsy and Came back as Benign. Later when Covid-19 started closing things down, the growth...
  11. KRISTEN deanna AKLAND


    People treat me different. It's in the tone of their voices the looks on their face. They look at me with pity.. and fill my head with lies because they are afraid I can't handle the truth. Heads up, autism doesn't mean stupid. It's a neurological phenomenon and mostly affects how I interact...
  12. KRISTEN deanna AKLAND

    The last fireflies

    This blog is about emotions. I am aware that I do not express my emotions like most people. I burn on the inside.
  13. AHClemist

    Eye contact between aspies: does it feel different?

    I want to pose this question separately from the general eye contact post in the other thread. I'm very curious what you guys think. Because I absolutely loathe confrontation, I am generally almost hyperaware of the people around me. I get overwhelmed by the emotions of others very easily...
  14. ConqueringZero44

    Driving and Me.

    So, i got my license a couple years ago. The theory tests were easy, most theory is. Depending, on a person's level of understanding, but anyway. That's beside the point. When i did my test, it took me till the fifth attempt to be able to get it. I was always jealous of people who could pass on...
  15. J

    He thinks I was trying to hurt him...

    So I’m a NT and my HFA guy has been frustrating me lately. Recently, he’s gone through a bit of a regression emotionally. The other night, I went to CVS and picked up some cough medicine for him (upon request) at midnight…and he fell asleep before I got back with the stuff and had me waiting...
  16. Ginseng

    How do y'all handle death from someone close to you?

    My mother died today and we will be going out of town to her funeral. Funerals have always been very difficult for me and many times I have gotten out of going to funerals just because all the emotion and feelings seemed to really mess with me. I wondered if this was an aspie thing or just me. I...
  17. tree


    FEELINGS is a word chain game. Use the last letter of the word in the previous post as the first letter in the new word. All words will pertain to feelings/emotion/state of being. EXAMPLE excited depression nervous silly yearning etc... Spoiler contains links to 7 sites with 'feeling'...
  18. D

    Ever feel stuck?

    Hello! It's been raining for a long while now, no sun and no opportunities to go to the forest and recharge. These days, it's been so hard to do anything. I have to really push myself to do the bare minimum I set out for myself. Eventually I end up in front of the laptop, just zoning out for a...
  19. Mary Anne

    Anthony Bourdain Committed Suicide At Age 61

    Anthony Bourdain found dead “by hanging” in a hotel room. I am extremely saddened by this breaking news. He was a wonderful, world reknown tv show host and food/travel writer. He had a lifestyle many millions admired and envied.- traveling all around the world to exotic places eating and...
  20. LucyPurrs

    New Course on Emotional Intelligence by Asperger's from the Inside

    Here's some links to information about the course: Aspergers From The Inside
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