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  1. C

    Unsure of diagnoses

    I was evaluated for autism today- and didn’t get sent home with a very clear answer. Instead I was prescribed two medications to try, abilify, and another medication for adhd, an upper I guess. The dr seemed to suggest I exhibited symptoms for both add and autism, but didn’t give me a clear...
  2. DystopiaIncognito

    30+ and now getting diagnosed

    Hi there, I'm a 36-year-old woman from Europe and have been living in isolation for years, even before current world events hit. I have a hard time seeking contact with people even though I'm quite lonely. Since I'm in the process of getting diagnosed I decided to join this Forum. It would be...
  3. Nummulite

    On a five year wait list

    I'm an adult living in Alberta, Canada. Last week I got a referral for an ASD assessment, and I got a call back this morning. She asked me some questions and then put me on the wait list, but she told me that the wait is an estimated 5 years. If I want it sooner I would need to have it done by a...
  4. S

    It happened.. my diagnoses is official.

    After 3 years of fighting, today was my assessment and after 3 and a half hours they confirmed my autism. I honestly don't know how i feel. For the past 3 years I've felt like a liar, not knowing who i was and now all the stuff i was blamed for as a child i couldn't help. I feel so...
  5. Jenisautistic

    Just got some tests diagnosed with intellectual disability as well as other stuff

    Hi I just recently got diagnosed with an intellectual disability as well as another diagnosis of autism language disorder dyslexia ADHD and I believe 1 or 2other things My iq is 68 but my adaptive scores are pretty low so they diagnosed me with moderate to severe intellectual developmental...
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