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diagnosed late in life

  1. Nieos


    I am 24 and I am looking for diagnosed males with Autism to be freinds with. Only message me if you have Autism and no other comorbid things. I have a lot of interests, so we will be able to have discussions.
  2. malu1ce

    Just got diagnosed. Any tips?

    I got diagnosed this week and I'd like some tips that could help me understand myself better. Do you guys keep your autism as a secret? Would you recommend me trying to unmask? How do you guys deal with executive dysfunction?
  3. R


    Heyyy! Ahhh I have diagnosis in February and I’m so excited for it. I want to prepare some notes for the meeting to make it easier to say everything I want to say. Does anyone have any tips? Like what things I could include or what I could note down? Also how did you everyone find their...
  4. Patsy

    Adult diagnosis stories?

    For those who were diagnosed later in life, what are your stories? What made you or others suspect you were on the spectrum? What was the diagnosis process like if you received an official assessment?
  5. DystopiaIncognito

    30+ and now getting diagnosed

    Hi there, I'm a 36-year-old woman from Europe and have been living in isolation for years, even before current world events hit. I have a hard time seeking contact with people even though I'm quite lonely. Since I'm in the process of getting diagnosed I decided to join this Forum. It would be...
  6. J

    Adult Diagnosis Questions

    I am 28 years old. My husband just recently sat me down and brought up the possibility of talking to a psychiatrist about the possibility of a high-functioning autism diagnosis. He brought this up because I: am incredibly sensitive to smells and loud noises. have been diagnosed with anxiety...
  7. allan619

    Do I have Asperger Syndrome

    This is a simple blog about my life being an undiagnosed Asspie. I talk about my school life, my work life, my social life and some of the common traits I have. I think that I'm on the mild end of the spectrum and so writing this blog was really an attempt to self diagnose.
  8. BeachLife

    40something female recently diagnosed

    Hi, where to start? :) I'm recently diagnosed and am currently in the processing and acceptance stage. It's quite incredible this snowball effect of the more women who are diagnosed late in life, the more accurate info circulates about female presentation (hence me putting g pieces together)...
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