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  1. crp

    Subtyping the Autism Spectrum Disorder

    I've studied tons of the professional materials and I have to tell you that the so-called high-functioning autism (HFA) is probably not the Asperger's syndrome only (according to the current classification) but there is also another subtype of HFA that takes place accurately between the Kanner's...
  2. The Autistic Warrior

    Diagnosing autism.........?!

    Hello, I am a young man of 21 years old from the Netherlands and I would like to tell other people how I feel about an autism diagnosis: It should be banned! For an autistic person to diagnose his or her autism is a hallmark of an anti-autism society. What is so acceptable and positive about the...
  3. C

    Where do I Begin?

    Hi there, My name is Christopher, I’m happy to be in this forum :) I joined because I am unsure if I am on the spectrum or not. Some reasons that lead me to believe I am include; I have a strong aversion to certain textures as far as foods go as well as touch, I hate the feeling of rubbing...
  4. homo_aspien

    Getting diagnosed: Bravest thing I did for myself

    Four months ago I stumbled upon article about a book a father of autistic child has wrote about his experience and his hardship of having to deal with his son. Most of the comments were negative, since the book was obviously denying autistic experience and portraying us as a major pain in the...
  5. texkag

    Coming out to the world

    I was wondering how many of you have come out as openly autistic. Do you have a blog, a You Tube Channel etc.? Are you comfortable identifying yourself publicly as autistic? I was diagnosed four years ago and have only told a handful of my closest family and one or two others. I wonder if I...
  6. N

    How doe you make your relationships work?!

    A hello to everyone since I’m new to this whole situation and still in the struggle with the autism of my partner. I was looking for advice or experience in relationships. Since only thing I ever hear is run as fast as you can as far. But how doe you both maintain the relationships with...
  7. N

    I’m confused about my relationship

    First of I wanted to thank everyone who helped me and shared there advice. like I posted in the headline I’m beginning to get very confused about everything. I’m dating a great guy For almost 4 years . He is on the spectrum but he doesn’t want to hear or deal with the term autism as it seems...
  8. Shenandoah

    Formal assessment (Ontario, Canada)

    So if I were to pursue a formal assessment, how would I go about it generally and specifically in Ontario, Canada. My interest is two prong: 1. I have a sense that I am pretty inconsistent in my abilities, so it'd be helpful to have a better picture. I.e. visual, spacial, verbal stuff. My son...
  9. mysrhgirl19

    Awaiting assessment- first post here!

    Hey everyone! My name is Sarah and I have a 16 month old son. He is getting an official assessment in the next week or two. I’ve always known he had such a unique and special character. As a baby he was not needy at all. He was happy to watch tv, sit in his bassinet. He honestly rarely cried and...
  10. J

    Adult Diagnosis Questions

    I am 28 years old. My husband just recently sat me down and brought up the possibility of talking to a psychiatrist about the possibility of a high-functioning autism diagnosis. He brought this up because I: am incredibly sensitive to smells and loud noises. have been diagnosed with anxiety...
  11. I

    Does it sound like I have Aspergers?

    Hi! I'm 24 years old, female. I've been to several psychologists and doctors looking for an answer and they either tell me they've never heard of my symptoms before, or they disagree on diagnoses. Sorry if this seems all over the place! Since I was a baby, I've always had little repetitive...
  12. HappynessMad

    Do you think it is normal to not disclose autism or even try not act like it?

    I am a soon to be college student. (Guess my age, just graduated high school) I was diagnosed with autism at age 4 and was enrolled in public education until graduation... On to the point, I did not know what was it like to be autistic until age 10-11 when I read some confidential information...
  13. ImSensing

    Label Fear?

    ++ I am suspected to have ASD so please understand this is coming from a vulnerable place. I don’t want anyone to take this the way , I just want to know if anyone ever felt the same for even just a moment. When my therapist told me a few months ago she strongly believed I was on the spectrum...
  14. ImSensing

    Almost diagnosed

    Greetings from the world I already belonged to. For me, that means sensory issues with sights and sounds. Difficulty starting and maintaining friendships. I am in my 30s and finally found a therapist that has identified what’s been going all my life. I’ll be officially diagnosed in June...
  15. W

    Is there a chance I might be autistic?

    Hello, I‘m a teenager from Germany and I‘ve been wondering about my condition for a while now. I hadn’t been diagnosed, but I considered visiting a psychiatrist. My problem is that I always felt like the „odd one out“ in school. I always had problems communicating with others, so much that I was...
  16. C

    I just got my diagnosis but I am a bit confused.

    Hello, I literally just got my diagnosis 5 minutes ago over the phone. They told me I have the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum because they don't see Autism, Aspergers or any of the other types as seperate diagnosis anymore. Is that true? I went in to get a possible diagnosis for Aspergers because...
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