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  1. SavingCheeto

    I'm. Know what? I don't even know what to say

    backstory: I got an amazing job. And then, I didn't have it. Lots of shock, anger, a crapton of hurt--you're now up to date. Leaving a lot of things out, because I have trust issues. LoL which only makes today that more ironic. Applied for a position. Went throught the whole rigamorale...
  2. H

    How can I stop catastrophizing?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, and it’s about something I’ve been struggling with for a while. right now I’m a bit lost on what to do and would like some help with my problem. For the last couple of years I have delved into some unsavoury things regarding politics, generally terrible...
  3. apolloidolsice

    how do deal with my "normal complex?"

    or whatever you call it :p. I don't feel normal and I hate it. I feel defective. Especially when those advertisements talk about "normal people". I also sometimes cry over how I would've been sterilized if I lived 50 to 100 years ago, and definitely would've been bullied harder if I for example...
  4. apolloidolsice


    Hey. Anybody else feel depressed about being autistic? I've never been kissed, had boy or girlfriend, i've been bullied my entire life and i currently have no friends. And you're different. Most people think you're weird. Your existence is something to be cured. Fixed. Erased. I hate being this...
  5. Cicadidae

    Self-Diagnosed Female Having Troubles Getting a Psychologist...

    I've always felt different from others. For me, it was like I was a sheep living in a world of wolves in sheep's clothing. They all act normal and carefree, whilst I'm horrified to interact with them because they all look like predators and I'm prey. Of course, I'm the only one who notices this...
  6. FromEquestria2LA

    Still, I remain hopeful

    Hi, guys, I haven't posted here in a while. I feel a little depressed lately. Why? I've realized that despite the fact that I have spent my 20s jobless; most of the reasons why I am that way are pretty much outside of my control, I have conceded. Given what I have, the odds have pretty much...
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