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  1. H

    I have a crush on my best friend

    I've known this girl for almost 10 years. We met in middle school (we're both in uni now). We've always been very good friends. For a while, I had a crush on her, and a couple of years ago we both admitted to having had crushes on each other in the past. At that point I didn't have feelings for...
  2. PinkPhilodendron

    Should I apologize?

    Hey guys, I need your evaluation and recommendation please. I had a phone call with my colleague/supplier last week who I am still crushing on and usually the mood is rather nice and fun and teasing when we talk. But this time we hit a bump. It started out very nice and charming in the...
  3. Zealot North

    My Aspie friend told me they love me -and I feel the same way!- but......

    Hello everyone, this will be my first thread that's not an introduction thread! As the title already mentioned, I have a very close friend who has diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome. I personally have PDD-NOS myself. While I have an easy time describing my strengths and weaknesses, and what I can...
  4. I

    Crush problems..

    So..i also have social anxiety...but i have became obsessed with this guy and well he is popular, i feel like the stari flirting is creeping him out so i stopped but a few days later he spoke to me kindly, i feel like he wants to be my friend and maybe isnt picking up the signs im givng him...
  5. A

    Crushing on an Aspie

    Hey everyone, To start this off, I am a guy crushing on another guy. I am fairly new here because I never knew much about aspergers until about a week ago. I met an guy who happens to have it, but seems like he's very high functioning. A lot of what I read in this forum doesn't apply to him. I...
  6. Jorg

    Could I still have a chance with her?

    Some weeks ago I posted a (long) story on the dating thread here but it wasn't...well...I probably made it too long and I didn't get any answers. Long story short, I went out with an old friend from high school, she was my crush since then but I didn't do anyting because she had a boyfriend and...
  7. C

    NT confesses love to an aspie and creates confusion

    Dear community, Recently I became aquainted with a man in his mid thirties, appearing quite normal, maybe behaving a little bit awkward. We usually meet in a business context and regularly work together two hours face-to-face, with no other people in the room. He used to be very nervous when...
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