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communication issues

  1. fern_77

    Speaking Issues

    Today I had gym class for fourth period. I sat on the floor on my computer and did not participate because I find gym overwhelming. It is still overwhelming when I am not participating because there is lots of noise and sometimes I feel like I have to keep an eye on the ball because I worry...
  2. Sabrina

    The Invention of Lying

    Hi! I watched a movie that I think all aspies should see. It's called The Invention of Lying. It takes place in a fantasy world where everybody tells the truth, and suddenly a guy realizes that he can lie, and that it is very powerful! I am 47-yrs-old, but only up until I was 40 I realized...
  3. T

    Poverty of Verbal Thought and Brain Blockage

    As someone with a history documented more in the realm of mental illness, it's sometimes hard for me to dissect the point where symptoms of mood disorder (among others) end and neurodivergence potentially begins. Some background: I've stated before that I don't have an official diagnosis for...
  4. Catherine Crowne

    How do I navigate conflict with my Aspie husband.

    My husband avoids conflict at all costs. I don’t like it much, either but sometimes we have issues. He either won’t respond or he gets sarcastic and accusatory. A few times in our 5 year relationship, he has spoken with me (briefly) about issues. He feels I am way too emotional. I think It’s...
  5. P

    No idea how my HFA man feels about me (NT)

    I am an NT female who is ‘seeing’ a HFA male. I feel some history is needed, sorry it’s so long... It started as an affair 8 years ago. We first met at 16, and there has always been a spark but neither of us were single. I got married to my long term partner and after a few years there were some...
  6. spacegirlalienfairy

    Hi, there!

    Well, I am actually feeling rather shy, even scared, to be joining your forum. I am self-diagnosed, & I realized I was autistic about a year ago, by reading autistic people's own personal stories. My therapist, who I've been seeing for a long time, agrees with me & says that autism is the best...
  7. onlything

    NT feedback?

    Just had another session with a new tutor where every student presented some parts of their project to receive feedback on environmental analysis. I knew what I wanted to talk about and, although I don't really enjoy repeating myself to new people, I have presented my design in a manner that I...
  8. The Lovely Lexi

    Embarrassing Stuff

    I was wondering if anyone else experienced this feeling before. I seem to be too embarrassed to tell any significant others that I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. This has led to many miscommunications since I'm a very emotional and quiet person and tend to run away from my problems. I...
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