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  1. Mars26

    Mean people

    A few months ago, an unforgivable thing happened to me, my ex-friends decided to ostracize me, lie about me, persuaded my toxic ex to be against me. However, I will not write about it because I already did it. The point is that they organized our college group integration on Friday and invited...
  2. Mars26

    Troubles with best friend

    I recently have big argument with my best friend in which he told me what a burden I am for him. And no matter what he misunderstands or says incomprehensible (even to neurotypical people), he will always find a way to say that I just don't understand because I have autism. I know that I'm...
  3. Mars26

    College Tips

    I'm going to College in the Fall and I'm really stressed out because I will be 2 years older than others, I will be living in dorm room in different city and because I'm shy and weird. That's why I would like to ask about tips how to fit in and survive.
  4. Mars26


    Hello, I am 20 years old guy with asperger syndrome. I was diagnosed when I was in preschool. My parents are supportive but my father still doesn't accept that I have asperger. He constantly comparing me to people the same age as me. I also have supportive older sister. I had few close friends...
  5. Jenisautistic

    Concordia and updates

    Hey everyone I just wanted to give updates. I am now applying for services through OPWDD . For day habilitation as well as other services.A friend of mine he works in my recreation program helped me and my family fill out the forms.my family is going to ask them more questions before they send...
  6. Jenisautistic

    my appointment with my therapist and social worker

    I ting my meting went very well i believe they actually believed me and said my letter to her was brave. i am going to get skill training and a therapist. And there is a strong possibility i will be going to collage in that impact u program. i fell very happy and before i felt rested and...
  7. scifinerd

    My college psychology textbook says...

    ...a lot of stuff that I find to be rather questionable. Hello everyone, I'm currently taking a psychology class at my university and I'm not not really happy with the information presented in my textbook. So I decided to highlight some of the stuff I find to be either inaccurate, misleading...
  8. Z

    Anyone else started back at college/ school this week

    Did anyone else start back at collage or school this week. I started back Thursday. I was suppose to start back Tuesday but was on holiday til Wednesday. This week wont as I bad as I thought it would be. I have not started going to lessons yet I was just going to collage to get use to again...
  9. Z

    Feeling patronized

    Does anyone else find that the world is patronizing towards them(well meaning or otherwise). For example "You do really well for a person like you" and my new pet hate the pecks chart at collage which includes a section for the whether.I mean I know we are pathways course but we are still...
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