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  1. LadyS

    Make a non-Christmas Movie 'Christmassy'

    'Tis the season. Here's the game: Turn a non-Christmas movie into a Christmas movie. I'll go first: A Nightmare on 34th Street Lord of the Five Golden Rings The Human Santapede
  2. GrownupGirl

    Do any adults actually LIKE the holidays?

    It seems like all adults, both NT and ND, just absolutely loathe the holidays and see it as nothing but a bunch of torturous rituals that they, for some reason, put themselves through every year. My parents seem to like Christmas, though. Especially my mother. It was hard trying to get her to...
  3. Ame568


    Since Christmas is coming I was wondering if anyone believed (or still believes) in Santa Claus.
  4. Nitro

    My Holiday spirit thread

    I want this to be a thread where we can come together to share our pleasant holiday experiences. Please no negativity here, I want this to be an enjoyable thread. I will start with a picture show Outdoor lighting display: Gotta haul home that tree, and as always, bring the dog along for...
  5. Aeolienne

    Boy so terrified of Christmas family couldn't celebrate for four years

    (Not written by me) ‘My son was so terrified of Christmas we couldn’t celebrate it for four years’: Mother had to hide presents and decorations due to her little boy’s unusual phobia Eight-year-old Keiran Liptrot would panic and cry whenever he saw Santa or anything Christmas-related By...
  6. Butterfly88

    Holiday wish comes true: Thousands of Christmas cards sent to boy with autism

    Holiday wish comes true: Thousands of Christmas cards sent to boy with autism by Gabe Cohen, KOMO Thursday, December 28th 2017 VIEW PHOTO GALLERY 5 photos DES MOINES, Wash. -- Apollo Williams and his mother Barbara Miller call the mess piled up in their living room a “Christmas miracle.”...
  7. Butterfly88

    You Don't Deserve Any Presents If You Can't Pass This Super Simple Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz

    You Don't Deserve Any Presents If You Can't Pass This Super Simple Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz You're A Real Grinch If You Fail This Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz I got: You got 3 out of 10 right! You might need to host a Christmas movie marathon! You really don't know very much about popular...
  8. WittyAspie

    Merry Christmas!!!!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!! If you celebrate a different holiday, I hope you enjoy that day. I know this season can be difficult for some. If that’s the case don’t be afraid to reach out to someone, or post a thread about it. Have a great day everyone. Celebrate in whatever way you see fit.
  9. Butterfly88

    Christmas surprise comes for Alvin boy with autism, grandmother

    Christmas surprise comes for Alvin boy with autism, grandmother So nice, I hope Alvin enjoys his new toys and that everything works out for the family.
  10. Butterfly88

    Your Christmas Reindeer Name

    I'm Sprinkles Sleighski.
  11. Nikolas Di Domenico

    Ruined Christmas for myself

    I am a Cybersecurity student. Recent a package came to our doorstep, of course, I knew what it was right away. It was a DSLR camera, being the cybersecurity student that I am I hacked into my mom and dads. Amazon and eBay account and found out what they are getting me. I feel that password...
  12. Culture Insight

    Christmas and its cultural effects on all of us

    Christmas time is coming! And that means shopping sales, trees, lights, cookies, and a jolly old fat man who breaks into your house and leaves gifts! Christmas has had a large influence on our worlds culture and it still does today! How did this all happen? Well it first became a major roll in...
  13. M

    How do aspies/auties feel about holidays like christmas?

    Bit nervous as this is first time I've booked a trip so I can be away from friends and family who celebrate christmas. Have in the past celebrated this holiday with family and later with friends. Although after childhood I found it stressful and anxiety provoking. Needed a week of work and quiet...
  14. Caelix3

    Christmas List

    I'm undecided what I should pick for my christmas list. I already have items on it but most of the items are expensive. So I would only be able to get one. I will put a poll and see what everyone votes. Then I will decide for myself which item seems more practical.
  15. Geoo98

    Changing seasons

    Does anyone else find themselves really uncomfortable when seasons change? I don't know why but the thought that it'll be winter soon and it'll be all Christmassy makes me nervous. I love Christmas, it might be that it reminds me of past winters, I just don't like the change of that it can be a...
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