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  1. Stuttermabolur

    Common childhood interests you did not have

    The question isn't well worded, but basically, I am wondering about what "play" behaviour you exhibited as children which was atypical: More specifically, what activities did your peers perform but you didn't care about at all? I am mainly thinking about ages 10 and under. When I was a kid, I...
  2. Slim Jim

    Nostalgia: Things from the Past, That you just Love

    In this thread. Post anything, that brings back good memories from your childhood. Can be any era.
  3. Nummulite

    Probably not autistic, now I don't know what to do

    This summer I've been doing a bunch of research about autism, making pages and pages of notes with reasons why I might be on the spectrum, and I got a referral from a doctor to get an autism assessment in a few years. I felt like I was finally on to something after a lifetime of wondering what's...
  4. jleeb05

    Abusive Upbringing

    As some of you know, I practice child welfare law, which means I represent children who have been abused or neglected by their caregivers. Several members of this forum have mentioned abusive upbringings or traumatic childhoods. While I was subject to pretty intense bullying, my family was...
  5. jleeb05

    I don't know whether I want to hug or strangle my childhood self

    I've kept a journal since I was about 11 or 12. I hadn't read through the older ones in years but was prompted to do so today after I realized my Mom and I had different memories relating to a certain event in my childhood. Turns out I was mostly right regarding the memory but reading through...
  6. Anaaewp

    Childhood memories and being autistic

    I was talking to my therapist about how I only noticed I was different when I was a teenager, and as a child I was pretty normal and played a lot with other kids, etc. But I asked my parents and they said I was always playing alone. Then we found these old home videos and, sure enough, I was...
  7. M

    The first time you heard of homosexuality

    If you are not have never have been attracted to the same sex, what was it like the first time you heard of homosexuality.
  8. Daydreamer

    I Became Less Shy.

    When I was young, I was known as a quiet child. Even when I was a baby this was true, my parents found it odd that I didn't seem to cry all that much. Instead my behaviour seemed to reflect an innate cautiousness, and a tendency to sit in quiet observation. My sister was much more adventurous...
  9. Amber123

    Has my autism affected my childhood friend developing anxiety?

    Bit of background. I've only recently discovered I have autism spectrum disorder (this year). I'm 26. My best friend in year 5 was new to the school and she came from South Africa. The other kids made fun of her because of her accent and there were some things she didn't understand or had a...
  10. Jena

    When you were little what were some obvious signs that you had asperger's/autism?

    So I noticed when I was watching my old family videos there were signs I had Asperger's even though I wasn't diagnosed till 4th grade. Such as how I covered my ears and felt uneasy on stage in front of many people, with the loud music with bunch of children my age when my preschool was doing a...
  11. M

    Things you miss the most from childhood.

    Was thinking about childhood today, and some of things I used to do by myself that I don't do anymore. Might still climb a tree, or lie in soft clay mud. Or watch birds build nests for hours. Or lie in tall grass in the sun, or roll in snow or jump into the water. Somehow along the way I've...
  12. Coupe

    Scripting as a kid - kinda funny

    *Trigger Warning for (somewhat antiquated but still) ableist language* I'd almost completely forgotten about this until about a week ago when I remembered it out of the blue. When I was a little kid, I loved Disney Sing-Along videos, and one of my favorite songs on one of my VHS tapes was...
  13. Ameriblush

    Now, what did you like as a kid that creeps you out now?

    I posted a thread a day or two prior to this asking the forum what spooked them as a child but makes them laugh or roll their eyes as an adult. The answers the thread received were pretty awesome, and it gave me the idea for a reverse thread: What did you like as a child, but find creepy now...
  14. Ameriblush

    What scared you as a child but makes laugh now?

    I notice a trend with people being scared of the oddest things when they were younger but now finds them hilarious upon reaching adulthood or near adulthood. Do you have any experiences like that? Post pictures or videos if you want, keep it PG and Safe For Work. Mine is this random as crap...
  15. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    I have the most important job in the world

    I read a simple question in a thread here in AspiesCentral: ‘Do you love yourself?’ ‘What kind of question is that? Of course I do’, was my immediate thought. Unfortunately, most people answered either ‘no’ or ‘yes except’. I was appalled. I haven’t always had the best self-esteem. Just this...
  16. Sabrina

    If your parents divorced when you were a kid or a teenager...

    ... I would like to know if you have any advice for me, regarding my children's emotional well-being (I just separated from my husband and we are heading for divorce).
  17. Datura

    Intense Imagery Movements

    An article about children who exhibit self-stimulatory behaviors in conjunction with intense visual imagery. Some, but not all, exhibited other ASD traits. Taken from Intense imagery movements: a common and distinct paediatric subgroup of motor stereotypies Intense imagery movements: a common...
  18. WereBear

    Fear of big paintings

    When I was a child, my grandparents had big painting reproductions all over the place. Which scared the flip out of me. They also had tons of the 1950's motion lamps which scared me even more. I would throw a towel over one if I had to be in the room with it; I could not look at it. When the...
  19. Ster

    How did you find out you had aspergers?

    My parents knew from the very start. I walked before I crawled when I was a baby, I wouldn't speak to anyone, and it was pretty hard for me to socialize. I've always been known as one of the "weird kids" at school, and I never understood why I couldn't fit in, or understand subjects the same way...
  20. xDominiel

    Anyone else get born into the worst possible family?

    I feel like the vast majority of my issues are there because I never had a stable home, I never really felt safe and thinking back I'm not sure I was ever loved unconditionally. Being constantly scolded for "being weird" or "not eating fast enough" and other petty things like that really messed...
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