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  1. D

    Can I get him back?

    Hi! So I (NT) have been with my ex (has asperger) for 5 years, we broke up 2 months ago. When he broke up with me he was in autistic burnout and I reacted too strongly for him, so he said because I was reacting so strongly, he had to cut me out, and there was no way we could get together in the...
  2. A

    Boyfriend broke up with me...Advice?

    My ex of one month is diagnosed with high functioning Aspergers. He's 47 and I'm 43. Both of our spouses died several years ago from suicide and we started being friends then dating. He has a son that is almost 5. His mother is incredibly controlling and basically runs every aspect of his...
  3. A

    Is there any chance of an aspie returning from a breakup?

    I don't want to put everyone in a box but I've heard from many people that when an aspie breaks up with you it's written in stone for them, that their feelings will NOT change no matter what and that they forget you even existed after a few weeks. Is this true? Is there any hope for us in the...
  4. A

    How do I go about my breakup with my aspie girlfriend? I regret our decision.

    A little backstory on my ex. Before me she had been in two relationships. One guy had severe ADHD and one of them manipulated her sexually and mentally in her own words. I was her third boyfriend and she got diagnosed the year we met. She told me several times she had never felt so safe and...
  5. Saki

    Is there still a chance for us?

    Hey guys! This is my first post here. My aspie ex broke up with me late Jan early Feb of this year bc he isn't in a good place rn and can't commit to anything, not bc he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. We were together a little less than 2 months, but only a week or two before the breakup...
  6. H

    Me and My Aspie BF/He broke up with me. Now what?

    Hey guys so ex bf broke up with me about a month ago and although we only dated for 4 months it was pretty intense. We however did see each other a healthy amount and gave each other enough space. During this time I met his whole family and we were exclusive. He asked me to be his gf pretty...
  7. Carrie`

    Looking for Support

    Hello Everyone, I'm in need of support. My long distance boyfriend broke up with me unexpectedly weeks. He is somewhere on the spectrum. We'd been in this relationship for almost 2 years, visiting each other as often as we could. We've continuously become closer and everything was beautiful. It...
  8. J

    Boyfriend with Aspergers just broke up with me...

    Hello! My boyfriend, who I have been on and off with for two years, broke up with me last night. Or well, he broke up with me because he could tell I wasn't happy with him. I just feel so horrible... I have borderline personality disorder, albeit an extremely mild version. Basically you could...
  9. P

    AS Boyfriend Broke Up with Me

    My AS boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years. Our day to day was amazing, it's when commitment and affection came into question, we'd have some problems. So - recently, due to the overwhelming pressures and his depression worsening, he decided we needed to break up so he could reprieve...
  10. R

    Do people with asperger's have a tendency to hate their ex-partners after break up?

    Do people with asperger's have a tendency to hate their ex-partners after break up? If so, could this be due to their black and white thinking? You're either my girlfriend(love) or foe(hate)? Hello all, I am an NT and am deeply hurt and confused by my ex-boyfriend with asperger's. (FYI...
  11. F

    Understanding AS ex-boyfriend

    Hello, Thank you for this space, and for supporting those in relationships with AS individuals. I am NT with anxiety traits. I have an AS father and brother, both of whom were recently diagnosed. My question is about my ex. He is undiagnosed (we never talked about AS, although he often told me...
  12. D

    Please help, I don't know what to do with my Aspie ex

    Hi all, I'm new here, I'm a NT. One month ago my aspie boyfriend dumped me. I went through my head and improved myself but he still seems so overwhelmed. I had a plan moving in with him beforehand but now I'm stuck. Therefore I created this account and made a thread about it. I don't know what...
  13. T

    Help with Breakup

    Hi, I am a 18 years old diagnosed guy with autism(Asperger). I had a relationship with a girl since two years now and one week ago, she broke up with me because she said I am terrible with communication and could never progress. The same day we broke up, I was seeing for the first time a...
  14. aquariuskevin

    Dark clouds of sadness tears fall once again

    Dark clouds of sadness tears fall as rain shadow of lonelyness relationship over once again what happened to love the truth and honesty a friends name used as lie to start the end for me three and half years happines just gone down the drain sun was shining now turned to black clouds and rain...
  15. J

    Did I lose her forever this time? Is she worth getting back?

    I am an adult male with Aspergers. I was diagnosed at the age of 10. I have worked hard to be the person I am today as most people would not know it unless I told them. Anyways my situation was a 4 year long LDR as I am in Arkansas and she was in Texas, we fit so well together and we visited...
  16. stigmatic

    Overstimulation through emotions?

    So, ever since I heard about the Intense World Theory it's definitely raised questions because I feel like my emotions are way more intense than what someone else feels and with those intense emotions it's like an overload and I usually shut down and get terribly anxious and depressed and have...
  17. Ylva

    How do you deal with breakups?

    How do you deal with being dumped? What about the "can we still be friends" line? How long does it normally take to stop hurting?
  18. E

    Relationship Issues

    Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I have had diagnosed with Asperger's since i was 4. Anyways, what I wanted to talk about was an issue I have had in the past and wondered if you could help me with. Whenever I get into a relationship for a while, I break up with them. I feel like I make up things just so I...
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