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  1. autism-and-autotune

    Third time's the charm for the charmless

    I don't know what to do. This is the third time that our boundaries have been violated and my parents showed up to my door without warning. Third and a half, if one counts the note which my father left a month ago. I trust that they traveled here, two hours away, because Friday was a holiday and...
  2. HappynessMad

    Do you think it is normal to not disclose autism or even try not act like it?

    I am a soon to be college student. (Guess my age, just graduated high school) I was diagnosed with autism at age 4 and was enrolled in public education until graduation... On to the point, I did not know what was it like to be autistic until age 10-11 when I read some confidential information...
  3. Ylva

    The Validation Fairy

    Here's a pretty good article regarding boundaries for disabled people in general, not just autistics. We are part of a larger community, folks. And they get treated like crap too. https://www.realsocialskills.org/blog/2018/7/6/what-disability-professionals-mean-when-they-say-tell-us-your-story
  4. MrsPB

    Breaking Rules You're Unaware Of

    So guys, I have this habit of pushing people to their limits without being aware of it. For example, my managers are frustrated when I arrive 5 minutes late for work, but I don't see why. We have a 10-minute grace period to clock in. That's the rule. Another: I tend to ask too much of my...
  5. micho313

    Do you have difficulty understanding personal "Boundaries" in terms of possessions.

    I am a rather high functioning Aspie. Many things day in and day out I can get through with little to no issue. However, one recurring obstacle for me is understanding what "Boundaries" are and the exact definition of what Personal Boundaries can be when referring to possessions. My main...
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