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  1. BrokenBoy

    How do I join a cult?

    Ok I'm bored so I want to join a cult because I think watching people become nuts and doing crazy stuff for the cult leader is amusing in a schadenfreude sorta way. I wanna pretend to be gaslit by the by the leader and subservient to them and leave when things goes south. How do I find a cult to...
  2. UberScout

    Pretending that life is a video game

    Life is a difficult thing to live in. Its painful, annoying, aggravating and there are things that are constantly out of our control. But then there are video games, playable worlds that create their own rules and space, that we can explore and see. These worlds aren't our reality and that's...
  3. UberScout

    Days in my Life

    So last night my mother and little sister and I went to Food Lion to do some grocery shopping. I'm pretty tough when it comes to anxiety at the store, usually anyway, but for whatever reason last night we were halfway done shopping when without any warning, I started feeling just like I do when...
  4. W

    My Aspie Man

    I am at my wit;s end, please at least listen and hopefully understand. I am a disabled woman who is virtually housebound, I can only get out with the help of my aspie partner. When I am at home I am limited in what I can do physically because of my disablements so I am only able to do stuff...
  5. onlything

    Weariness (and boredom)

    I like to think that even if life is a joke, you can still make it your own and laugh at it. Still, most of the time it feels... boring. Wherever you go, whatever you do or start, the same patterns persist. It's so easy to predict how events will end, how people will behave. Yes, there are some...
  6. Aristocario

    Aspie living in England named Daniel: come in!

    Hello, As the title says, my name is Daniel. I am an Aspie living in the North of England, currently studying and trying to solve various problems associated with Asperger that I have. Even though now I have mild Asperger (specially compared to myself in previous years and to other people), I...
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