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  1. W

    Anyone here going to London MCM Comic Con 2024 in May?

    I want to meet other Autistic people and make freinds
  2. obvs

    Fear: Do you experience fear in situations that are probably safe situations?

    Please vote before you read the post. I am curious about people's perceptions before reading this as well as people's input afterward: Last night, I started to read about a syndrome where people have too much cortisol(stress hormone from the adrenal glands), and a lot of the psychological...
  3. I

    Greetings fellow humans!

    I'm new here - like just got here five minutes ago new. I've been diagnosed with ADHD, severe anxiety and depression. There's a good chance that I'm autistic but that is to be determined. One thing that definitely made me consider Autism is that my brother (who is diagnosed autistic) just...
  4. M

    ok, I'm the one with Aspergers - but it's not a NT:ND relationship...

    You'd think my aspergers diagnosis was the reason for the stress in the relationship, and yes it probably is - at my end of the room. But I've been looking. hard stares into books like paddington would. and what I see is this very accurate description here: Adult ADHD and Relationships -...
  5. M

    Diet, Supplementation & Pregnancy

    Introduction My name is Mike Haniff, and I am a doctoral student at Walden University. I am conducting survey research on diet, supplementation, and pregnancy for my dissertation. I am interested in this topic as it is a particularly understudied area, and recent evidence points to a potential...
  6. Annaa

    What do you do when your family members are being extremely annoying

    So basically my family can be really annoying, for example my mother loves to sing random kids songs very loud and when I ask her to stop she sings louder, then when I leave without finishing my words she’s made at me and my brother like a big baby he knows that I go to the toilet first thing in...
  7. Annaa

    Not being able to say no/ people not understanding no.

    ( i am using they/them to refer to just one person not multiple people in this context ) It really annoys me when people just don’t get it when I ask them not to do something, for an example I keep telling my friends to not touch my stuff without my permission and to not touch me but for some...
  8. Annaa

    Suddenly canceling plans

    I sometimes suggest to do things with people wich I don’t actually want to do but I feel like I have to do to make them feel better or to not disappoint them, I usually prefer just staying at home and doing nothing after a whole week of school or even just a day out with friends, so I really...
  9. Nervous Rex

    What fictional characters do you suspect of being autistic?

    What characters in books, movies, comics, etc. would you suspect of being autistic, even though they aren't directly identified as such? Mine are: A) Sherlock Holmes. Even in Doyle's original stories, he's identified as being impatient with others, obsessed with certain topics. He will...
  10. C

    Where do I Begin?

    Hi there, My name is Christopher, I’m happy to be in this forum :) I joined because I am unsure if I am on the spectrum or not. Some reasons that lead me to believe I am include; I have a strong aversion to certain textures as far as foods go as well as touch, I hate the feeling of rubbing...
  11. S

    Does anyone hide their Autism?

    This may be a strange question to some and maybe not others but I've only come to terms, acceptance and acknowledgement of my autism within the last 3 years. Its feels like the more I look into autism and really start to understand it, I am noticing things about myself I didn't before. It feels...
  12. trustwaves

    Meal routines...

    Do you eat the typical 3 meals a day & snacks? Or maybe every 2 hours? Or do you have your own way that's not overwhelming?
  13. trustwaves


    does anyone suffer from stomach migraines/ intense stomach pains with cramping etc? I get them when my body is overloaded and can't digest food that I've recently eaten. It's awful and was wondering if anyone else experienced this?
  14. trustwaves


    When you're burnt out, low spoons and recharging, how do you cope with not being able to do your normal routines? Like for example food? No energy to cook what do you do instead? No energy for self care? What do you do!? How do you recharge without overloading yourself even more?!
  15. trustwaves


    How do you cope when you're really overloaded or really stressed with food/eating? I have intolerances and bad sensitivities + I CANT make good decisions when overloaded!!! What do you do when you're stressed or have had a meltdown?? Do you just not eat?? My brain forces me to eat and it's the...
  16. trustwaves


    REALLY need advise on how to cope with low spoon/Energy days, whether it's social exhaustion/ burn out etc. How do you cope?? My sensitivities will be higher so I won't want to eat, I won't be able to do anything accept easy things like watching a film and napping How do you cope with the...
  17. trustwaves


    I've had multiple blood tests as I've had really bad digestion/ food intolerances to wheat/dairy/corn/almond milk/onions/garlic. I got tested for vitamin deficiencies and celiac but it all came back 'okay' ( which it's not ) apart from higher thyroid levels? Hyperthyroidism. I've had another...
  18. trustwaves


    My brain likes to fixate on things. Recently I've been obsessing over food ( this has happened ever since the start of my eating disorder) Anyway that's got better but my mind will obsess over food all the time and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to stop it? I've tried...
  19. trustwaves

    ANXIETY- advice needed :)

    So I suffer from pretty bad separation anxiety and social anxiety. I can be alone, I sometimes enjoy it BUT I can't leave the house alone or be independent. It's been like this for years and I'm just stuck in my room trying to relax and distract myself. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could...
  20. trustwaves


    Tell me how you relax! I'm always in a state of stress / anxiety and can never relax. Xxx
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