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  1. Leo Zed

    Emotional Sensitivity in ASDs

    Since I am relatively new to understanding ASDs, I am wondering if it is normal for those of us who have Asperger’s to be (extremely) emotionally sensitive, especially when “negative” remarks (not necessarily criticism) are being made to us. I have been battling severe depression for a few...
  2. D

    New to this forum-Howdy!

    Hey everyone My name is David. Asperger’s/ADD. Diagnosed ADD about 15 years ago, Aspergers about a year ago. Coming to grips with many aspects of Asperger’s that I was either unaware of or in denial about. Wishing you all well. :)
  3. Rebecca Bailey

    New here

    Hey, basically I’m posting on here because I work as a barmaid but I’m thinking of quitting because I just don’t like the job anymore, it’s too demanding socially and i just feel like no one understands. Has anyone else whose worked in this profession felt like this? If so what did you do?
  4. Julia Brianna

    Hello :)

    i’m Julia, 17 & officially diagnosed with Asperger’s since 4 (: I would love to make friends & maybe even a boy/girlfriend? (I’m bisexual)! Don’t be afraid to message me <3
  5. Sabrina

    Younger male partners

    All the boyfriends that I’ve had (and ex husband), have been younger than me (six months, a year, two years, three years, three years). I’m curious to know if there are other female aspies like me. I used to think that it was because I looked younger, but maybe I’m emotionally younger too (an...
  6. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    Quandaries of a book-geek mom

    The relationship with my dad was based in the exchange of knowledge, mostly him helping me out with school subjects, or him recommending me books. It was never an equal exchange. He mostly downloaded information on me (aspie style) and I received it. I used to receive it gladly because I...
  7. Aspie son, aspie mother

    Aspie son, aspie mother

    I had this beautiful aspie conversation with my aspie son (he doesn't know he is an aspie, or that I'm an aspie too). "I want to be left alone in school sometimes and they don't let me". "Don't you have a place to be alone during recess?" "No. And during class, as they say I'm the smartest in...
  8. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The movie of our lives

    There's several situations that worry me at the moment, but a few seconds ago, I got swept by "my" locker at the pool where I come to swim everyday. It looked beautiful, simple and colored coordinated. It could become an original picture of these times, not just mine, but everybody's. Like those...
  9. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    The best of times... (First published 01 Jan 2018)

    It's that time of year again, and I had hoped to have something heartwarming, insightful and completely out of character for a logic loving, systematic, no-nonsense Aspie, to share with you all. My Christmas tree is still up, so I've thrown in some Dickens, and have sprinkled it with a...
  10. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    Abused Amoebas and Career Correlations (First published Nov 2017)

    I was reading an excerpt from a zoological textbook the other day about the reactions of different types of amoeba to stimulus. (Yes - this is the sort of thing you will find in my web surfing history. Shut up.) It seems that amoeba, generally, rarely move because of a positive stimulus...
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