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  1. M

    ok, I'm the one with Aspergers - but it's not a NT:ND relationship...

    You'd think my aspergers diagnosis was the reason for the stress in the relationship, and yes it probably is - at my end of the room. But I've been looking. hard stares into books like paddington would. and what I see is this very accurate description here: Adult ADHD and Relationships -...
  2. Nervous Rex

    What fictional characters do you suspect of being autistic?

    What characters in books, movies, comics, etc. would you suspect of being autistic, even though they aren't directly identified as such? Mine are: A) Sherlock Holmes. Even in Doyle's original stories, he's identified as being impatient with others, obsessed with certain topics. He will...
  3. K

    A bit confused, please help.

    Hey everyone, I made this account because I can’t seem to get answers from anywhere else and I don’t want to go to a professional if this is “normal”. So, I was diagnosed when I was younger (I am 13 now). I don’t really think this is “normal” behavior for an autistic, but I am completely...
  4. trustwaves


    REALLY need advise on how to cope with low spoon/Energy days, whether it's social exhaustion/ burn out etc. How do you cope?? My sensitivities will be higher so I won't want to eat, I won't be able to do anything accept easy things like watching a film and napping How do you cope with the...
  5. K

    Parents of children with ASD - participate in research

    Hi Everyone, My name is Kim and I'm a student at Monash University, Melbourne. I'm currently completing my thesis on child behaviour, parenting practices and parental stress amongst parents of children with ASD. If you have a child aged 3-11 with a diagnosis of ASD, and reside in America...
  6. H

    Abandoned by AS boyfriend, is this common??

    Hello everyone. I am a 33 y/o Female NT recently in a 4 month relationship with a 33 y/o Male AS. It started out very full on, after 3 weeks he told me he was madly in love with me and shortly after said he was gonna marry me one day and that I was his everything. We were even planning on moving...
  7. L

    My close friend has Aspergers and it's been pretty hard

    I am not on the spectrum, but my closest friend very much is. It has been very hard to cope at times with her, as she can be very clingy towards me, and I have many other friends and she gets upset because she thinks that I don't like her anymore or something. And her interest is very direct, I...
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