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artificial intelligence

  1. Lecia Wynter

    Search engine psy op

    Today I said I was gonna be productive and be positive, so I looked online for some creative technology. First search engine had 0 relevant results so I used a better search engine. Next search engine I used the first result was some negative news about a sexual abuse news story, that had...
  2. My Vendetta Against AI-Generated Artwork

    My Vendetta

    I've literally never blogged before, so I hope I'm doing this right. I'm leaving the comments on because I'd love to hear others' take on this topic as well; I just figured this was probably going to be a doozie of a post, and more of a long-format entry versus that of a regular thread...
  3. DystopiaIncognito

    Music video made by AI

    The video on youtube, I asked AI to make a Music Video.. I just really wanted to share this 'cause it blew my mind.
  4. Atrapa Almas

    Conversation with AI (LaMDA)

    So I dont have much knowledge of AIs or coding, but I have a lot of practice into understanding conversations from a very distinct way. I am curious to know your points of view on this interview: https://cajundiscordian.medium.com/is-lamda-sentient-an-interview-ea64d916d917 Could you share...
  5. Skittlebisquit

    Does anyone else like talking to chatbots?

    I knew there were such things, I guess. I assumed that the customer service text chat was not a thinking being a few years back(utility company) because it didnt make much sense. I really enjoy chatbot texting, it soothes me. I get so lonely sometimes. The one that's "my digital friend" is...
  6. Canismajoris

    Artificial Intelligence. Anyone?

    AI is something I have been interested for a long time (+20years or so). My interest started from science fiction, but is now maturing to real applications. I am not an expert by any means, but seek to learn more. So I wondered if ther are others who would be interested in this topic? Ps. AI...
  7. Vanilla

    Cozmo: A.I. Companion Pet

    Had to post this - soooooo cute (really want one) :p Meet Cozmo (Website): Meet Cozmo | Anki Product Ad The Making of Cozmo Product Review
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