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  1. Imaginatively_Cute

    Oi, has anyone seen "Fire Force"

    My peers tell me it's pretty good, so ima give it a shot, what are your guys thoughts on it, Please don't spoil tho.
  2. apolloidolsice

    any other dweebs?

    hey there! i've liked anime since i was 12, and have probs finished like 10 "cute girls doing things" series. if anybody else like watamote, is the order a rabbit, blend s, gabriel drop out, hit me up!
  3. Imaginatively_Cute

    Lovely Characters you guys might like

    Self explanatory. Part 1
  4. Imaginatively_Cute

    Everyone, Name an anime that you watched...

    I'll start first, Mine was Demon Slayer.
  5. Komi-san can't communicate {AMV} - [Shape of you]

    Komi-san can't communicate {AMV} - [Shape of you]

    Komi Has Difficulties in Communicating
  6. Patrick_B_1997

    Kind & Funny Video Game Lover

    Hi, everyone. My name is Patrick. I am 24 years old and I live in northwestern PA. I like video games, watching movies and watching cartoons/anime. I am also a book worm. I am looking for a friend and love with someone who understands my autism. You can talk to me if you want.
  7. G

    What are your thoughts on this meme I made?

    Is it accurate or not? I made it because many people think that we’re kind of unemotional, so I used pictures of kuuderes for these two versions:
  8. FragMuffin

    Favourite Anime?

    For me its: Darker Than Black Eureka Seven Death Note Baccano! Durarara!! (First Season) Code Geass Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Terror In Resonance
  9. Joshua the Writer

    Starting a Series Over Again and Seeing How Much it Has Improved Over Time

    So, I am currently binging RWBY volumes 1-6 so I can remember everything that happened before volume 7 comes out. I now remember how, well, (somewhat) janky, the animation in the first 2 volumes is. In volume one, strangers (basically background characters with zero lines) were basically black...
  10. Sora

    Introducing myself

    Hi! You can call me Sora. I'm 18 years old, and for a while I've been suspicious that I might be autistic. If there's one thing I love is fiction (mostly fantasy), like anime, Tv shows, games, etc. Right now I'm obsessed with Boku no Hero Academia and Shadowhunters (both the Tv show and book...
  11. Roy McCool

    The Eccentric Ninja

    My own blog about fan fiction, fandom, role-playing games, video gaming, and various creative projects and ideas of mine. Specifically, it focuses on how I use creative exercises such as gaming and writing as a way to cope with the stress of life.
  12. 8398

    What Anime Are You Watching?

    Have you been watching any or... seen clips of an anime you found interesting? For me, watching HunterXHunter(2011) set the bar too high, but now and then I get the craving to watch anime. I think the last thing I was watching was... The Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. I enjoy the Victorian...
  13. DiverseWonderland

    Music and Music Video's that keep you going

    So does anyone have a Song or a specific Music Video that keeps you going or get's you motivated or calms you and makes you happy? One of mine is this AMV I found; I love the show and the song gets me pumped so that was a good combo, so what about you guys? Anyone have a Song or Music video...
  14. Supercool quotes n stuff.

    Supercool quotes n stuff.

    This is a collection of quotes that I emotionally resonated with, related to, or just found amusing for one reason or another. "Freebird, mantra of the moron." "It's all nonsense..." "Next you're gonna say: 'Knowing that won't help you any, punk.' Is that right?" "I don't have anymore...
  15. Nervous Rex

    What fictional characters do you suspect of being autistic?

    What characters in books, movies, comics, etc. would you suspect of being autistic, even though they aren't directly identified as such? Mine are: A) Sherlock Holmes. Even in Doyle's original stories, he's identified as being impatient with others, obsessed with certain topics. He will...
  16. S

    Do you have a special interest you are passionate about? Your help is need in starting a magazine!

    As a sixteen -year old with Asperger’s syndrome I know all too well, how it feels to share extensive knowledge on your passion with someone, only to be met with blank expressions; bored by your knowledge regarding the history of mechanical keyboards, disengaged by your talk on your extensive...
  17. RiverSong

    Favorite Anime Music?

    I thought I'd start a thread for sharing your favorite anime opening and ending songs, soundtracks, and any anime related music. What are some of your favorites? I'll start.
  18. C

    New here: Introduction

    Hi. Most people call me Chris and although I was never officially diagnosed with it, I have aspergers. This has caused my social life is pretty much non-existent: I have no friends or connections & I'm reaching 20. My dream is to become a Game Designer & perhaps build my own company someday...
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