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adult asd

  1. D

    Hi, This is Me

    I am a retired mentally-active man of mid-60's age, as of January 2022. I have only in recent years fully understood and accepted that I have AS-Lite and iADHD By AS-Lite (my term) I mean Asperger's By iADHD (my term) I mean Inattentive ADHD. I have also called it ADhD. ADD seems a more...
  2. NoRMAN

    Allow Me to Introduce Myself

    Hello everyone! For now, you can call me 'Norm'. I'm happy this Forum exists. I'm 36 and it was recently shared with me that I might be somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. I'm slowly (but surely) researching what it means to be on the spectrum in today's world, and I've been discussing it with...
  3. Onna

    Onna thoughts

    I want to try and help people explain autism and/or understand it from the perspective of someone with Aspergers.
  4. AuBurney Tuckerson

    Looking For Adult Diagnosis

    I am currently 18 and has never been diagnosed for Autism, but growing up, I showed severe signs as I used to hit my head, throw tantrums when touched my certain objects or people, I was late to learn how to talk and had to go through speech therapy, IDK about motor skills, but I can barely...
  5. Ameriblush

    I almost got lost in New York City, because...

    TL;DR : I traveled with other young adults (early 20s) my age, and got ditched in Times Square--I traveled with older folk in their 40s and had the time of my life. Linked to AS? ...I recently realized why people with Aspergers might do better with people older or younger than them, rather than...
  6. DogwoodTree

    Adult ASD verbal creativity study

    This is, imo, a fascinating study on the verbal creativity of adults with ASD, especially as it compares to research on verbal abilities of ASD children...the results surprised the researchers. Link: http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fnhum.2014.00615/full Quote from article...
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