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Search results

  1. Luca

    Morning Hike

    This was a solo hike I did with Odin (Newfoundland) very early yesterday morning. I just wanted to share. I typically take my dogs hiking 3 to 4 times a week, fairly intense hikes. Sometimes all the dogs, sometimes just one or two. This is how I stay in shape and get exercise. I love sharing the...
  2. Luca

    Amazing Pointer Tricks!

    Okay, so some of these are probably not "amazing," and this was just for fun and fooling around in the middle of the night and some of these tricks aren't our best, but you can probably see why Enzo has so many obedience titles lol. This is the result that consistent positive training gets you...
  3. Luca

    Help me pick a purse (or a few) for my birthday! :)

    I have a lot of crossbody bags, but I was thinking of asking some people to get me a new purse for my birthday, and I found a bunch of really cute ones but I can't decide!!! I don't need to decide on just one, but if it can be narrowed down to a handful of them that will make it easier. Some of...
  4. Luca

    I have a new dog, so that means training videos!

    Since I have a new novice dog, you guys get to see me actually training a dog in action! This is "Malos," btw. He came with the name. He is a purebred red Doberman and is 20 months old. I have had this dog for just under three days now, and look at that attention and focus! So here is a quick...
  5. Luca

    I tried something different...

    I'm always really nervous to post my artwork because I'm scared someone will say something mean or overly critical, but here goes... I used a stock image as the background (made sure it wasn't copyrighted or anything, it was being offered as a stock image) and layered a photo of me and my dog...
  6. Luca

    Hawaiian bird photos

    I was discussing chickens and game birds with someone earlier, and I brought up that I had photographed some interesting birds in Hawaii a while back. I'm definitely an *amateur* wildlife photographer but I think I have gotten some good shots over the years. I don't know if anyone else has ever...
  7. Luca

    Vacation photos!

    Obviously my recent posts have indicated that my vacation is not going as well as intended. Lots of triggering things happened all at once. However, I have still been able to get a lot of really cool pictures which I will be sharing here. I've never claimed to be awesome at photography lol but...
  8. Luca

    Training progress

    I’m making this thread to showcase training videos of my own dogs and also dogs that I am training. This Doberman is one of my board and train dogs. Came to me a week ago as a highly reactive, anxiety-ridden dog and came with an E-collar that I was told “you have to use it.” We did literally 2...
  9. Luca

    A very special birthday!!!

    Enzo is two years old today!!! He has only been with me for 7 months but it feels like forever. At one point I was seriously considering rehoming him. But as I mentioned in another thread, he has become probably the best dog I have ever had. He is everything to me. He has showed me that I...
  10. Luca

    Someone special has a message for you all… ;)

    Never give up!!! Your dreams CAN become reality. It takes hard work and sometimes you’ll feel defeated and just feel like “This is pointless” but never let a self-defeating inner monologue ruin your chances of being the best version of yourself. Take it from us! - Enzo :dogface: (and Luca)
  11. Luca

    Special interests that are too niche to be relatable?

    This is something I’ve been kinda depressed about lately and I was wondering if anyone else feels the same. I sometimes feel like my special interests are TOO specific, or too niche to be relatable for, well… anyone, really :confused: I was trying to help a friend find a Meetup group that he...
  12. Luca

    Obedience skills in action!

    Here is an actual training montage… (I’m not comfortable posting videos of myself online so my face isn’t visible. Also not comfortable with my body, oh well :confused:) But here is what six months of training does! Pictured: sit-stay, down-stay, and heel, mostly with eye contact. This is the...
  13. Luca

    Look how far we’ve come!

    You have all seen my posts about my Pointer, I presume. Not even six months ago, this dog was an aggressive, destructive nutcase and I was ready to rehome him. I couldn’t walk by his food without him biting me, he pulled on the leash as if he were a 200 pound Mastiff, and he terrorized the...
  14. Luca

    Absolutely cursed items I found on a shopping app.

    I thought this was kind of amusing so I figured I’d share. I was scrolling through recommended items on a thrift shopping app and I found these weird, silly and rather cursed-looking items. If anyone knows what any of these are and can explain the backstory, enlighten me. Lol Also, if you have...
  15. Luca

    Snarky Valentines

    I found these and cannot stop laughing. I hope they make you guys laugh too! :D (I’m pretty sure they’re all PG-13.)
  16. Luca

    The hair/skin care/cosmetics thread :)

    @watersprite and I had an idea about a skin care thread, so here it is! :) What does everyone do for skin care, hairstyling, and makeup? Feel free to post pictures but it’s optional :) I have oily/dry combination skin, and my skin tone is medium-light tan (I’m Hispanic.) I have freckles and...
  17. Luca

    Outfit of the day thread :)

    I’ll give credit to @OkRad for this idea, although I thought of it as well :) What is your outfit today? You can post a picture if you want (but you don’t have to post a photo of yourself wearing it, I won’t usually, either.) Fashion is one of my special interests (along with hairdressing and...
  18. Luca

    Happy clients :)

    I was inspired by my post in another thread to show some pictures of my dog training/walking/grooming customers :) There are some cats in here too, for non-dog people ;) The Pointer dogs and litter of puppies belong to my best friend. I usually walk and train a few dogs a week, and will groom...
  19. Luca

    Treatment/solution for PTSD night terrors?

    I will actually attempt to keep this one brief and straight to the point. Lol I’ve been getting terrible sleep quality lately and reluctant to go to sleep, because I have horrible night terrors. This isn’t new, I have PTSD and was diagnosed as a young adult and this is one of the reasons I was...
  20. Luca

    Need relatively inexpensive specialty collar for medical service dog

    I posted a status about this, but figured it’d be much easier to make a thread because statuses have a limited amount of words and this requires further explanation. Wasn’t quite sure which section it would be appropriate to post this in, but since my medical issues include some that are more...
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