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  1. D

    Job rejection dealing..

    It's an ego thing. But that's ok, I think we all have felt that rejection pain at some point in our lives. Personally, I can't deal at all with it. Even asking to use the gas station's bathroom might be a problem for me when I feel not up to dealing with a "no". As far as job interviews go, I...
  2. D


    I had the fortune to learn it from day one, when I was moved to another country and had to learn the language first. So I was a real target. I didn't even understand what names they were calling me. So defending myself verbally wasn't an option (it still isn't), and that's when I learned to do...
  3. D

    Just want to say Hi to @Outdated @Luca @Rodafina and many others here who gave me feedback...

    Just want to say Hi to @Outdated @Luca @Rodafina and many others here who gave me feedback, served as sounding boards, or most importantly - provided enough mental stimuli to get through the day. I'm still buried in work, but hope you all have a wonderful day.
  4. D


    As someone who has a kid had advanced language skills let me tell you something: You can't beat someone verbally who lacks the intellect to understand what you're saying. If you want others to get the message, you will have to speak their language. Some.people simply don't understand verbal...
  5. D


    That's exactly the reaction that grants a bully a field day! Because of this. And you can't expect "bullies" to change their behavior while "victims" have the luxury to simply stay the way they are. That's discriminatory. Humans are animals. More evolved, maybe. But not ncessarily in a good way.
  6. D

    Everything's fine, thanks for asking. Just lots of work, and I needed some.off-screen time.

    Everything's fine, thanks for asking. Just lots of work, and I needed some.off-screen time.
  7. D

    What was the last video you watched? (2022 Edition)...

    Biologische Psychologie Thema 6: Psychoneuroimmunologie
  8. D

    Attendance list

    I'm past the guests and working on the robots. or maybe it should be the other way?
  9. D

    What was the last thing you cooked?

    I love cauliflower but don't know what to do with it other that steam and the puor some olive oil on it. Delicious, but a little boring after x days.
  10. D

    What's On Your Thanksgiving Table?

    No idea about an Onion-fest, but I agree: yummy!
  11. D

    What's On Your Thanksgiving Table?

    Where I live, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Even if we did, I wouldn't be much part of it. But I like the enthusiasm you, @Yeshuasdaughter, show. It made me expand my horizon. Wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!
  12. D

    Small Things That Cheer You Up?

    Didn't want to asnwers this sooner, because then my answer would have been a simple "dogs and nature". So I waited until something special came up, and today it did: My mom gifted me a pair of socks with little paw prints on it. Nothing special and definitely not made from alapca or angora, or...
  13. D

    Why do I hate it?

    I like the octopus, though I'm not sure it would be understood as not being serious? At work, when someone posts something almost everyone acknowledges it with the thumbs-up. I always use something different, not a hand or an emoji.I was asked once why, and I had to confess that I didn't know...
  14. D

    Why do I hate it?

    Most acronyms I don't really mind. I don't usually read word for word, so most of the times I don't even register them. It's just a word I don't recognize and which isn't important for me.to understand the meaning, so why bother. I had some hours to let my subconscious analyze the LOL-issue...
  15. D

    Why do I hate it?

    I never used the acronyms, and though I do use emojis, I use only three or four, mostly to indicate that something I wrote shouldn't be taken too seriously or in a bad way. :) ;) ;P Most of the Emojis I don't understand, really. Like why isn't a sad face enough, why does it have to be one...
  16. D

    Quick question

    While shopping it occurred to me another thing real friends must do: be themselves while with you. This shows that they trust you, which I think is equally important than vice versa. Plus they are not trying to deceive you.
  17. D

    Why do I hate it?

    I wondered what "lmao" meant and given that a small "l" looks like a capital "i" and there are things like "in my opinion" I thought it may be something along those lines. I don't read word for word, so it was always easy to ignore. Now in this context it's obvious what it means :)
  18. D

    Why do I hate it?

    Good answer! I know for me it has a lot to do with what I link to that acronym - the person I heard it actually say a lot was a dear friend, but his preferred environment at the time he started using it was something I didn't want to be part of. That would explain why I dislike it so much. Now...
  19. D

    The last thing you bought?

    Half a dozen eggs.
  20. D

    Why do I hate it?

    Every time I read (or worse: hear) the acronym "LOL" my willingness to keep reading/listening drops considerably. I'm sure there is a biographical reason behind this dislike, and I'm beginning to guess what it is. But until I figure this out, I want to ask: Do you experience something similar...
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