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  1. Shevek

    I hate winter poll!

    I grew up with snow, and then spent my prime years in the warmest corner of Canada, but the winter scenery was dark green lumps with dark brown spots on a slate grey sea under dull grey clouds. Now, I get a lot of sun although the daylight is currently under 8 hours. I don't like the painful...
  2. Shevek

    Jean Trends...yeesh...and other stuff...

    I've never owned jeans. I didn't want to look just like all the nonconformists.
  3. Shevek

    Who is you favourite Star Trek Character?

    The guys in red were the least irritating.
  4. Shevek


    Passing on possessions to the person most likely to use them is a way of benefiting my values, but not myself, except for a feeling of satisfaction similar to a parent's. Mother Teresa's mission did comfort the dying, but what drove her was to maximize the numbers of souls she thought could be...
  5. Shevek


    The mammalian response to infants - help being inspired by big eyes and clumsy, weak motions - seems to be very old indeed. A Leopard killed her first Baboon, and then tried to adopt its infant. Cats adopt chicks, if they are introduced just after the cat gave birth. Romulus and Remus were...
  6. Shevek

    A Tin of Treasures

    I've always had one since my mid 20s. Sometimes new ones develop, and old ones lose meaning. I'm turning my T-shirt collection into digital photos to stop storing the unwearable oldies. Lately, I've been making a list of memory highlights, adding on per day, and it makes a happy reading now.
  7. Shevek


    There are a lot of gifts that come with obligations. The Japanese have several ways to say "thank you" which all denote degrees of resentment over the obligation felt. These relationships are important, as a community is much safer and stronger with co-operation, but is weakened by...
  8. Shevek

    Autism and poverty

    Agreed that we are mostly driven by instincts operating in the old parts of the brain that don't use language. We then rationalize the results, although we are seldom rational and logical, free of chemical bias. However, life in nature is mostly boring, not fighting. Just watch this water...
  9. Shevek

    Post something Weird or Random

  10. Shevek

    Autism and poverty

    No, Especially billionaires. People who do reposessions say that a rich person will go into a major crisis over losing a non-essential luxury, while poor people are just sad to see their furniture and TV go. Before we learned to live in large groups and keep a year's supply of grain on hand...
  11. Shevek

    Post something Weird or Random

  12. Shevek

    Post something Weird or Random

    My friend Titan got lucky, moving from a terrible owner to a great one. To mark his new territory, he decorated a small section of lawn with bones, and would restore any that were moved. Dog stories might need a new thread.
  13. Shevek

    Post something Weird or Random

    Canada is a bit bigger than one ice storm, but my sister got caught in that. That fall, my bro-in-law had gone to help a friend clean out his garage, and was given a portable, gasoline powered electric generator. Sis was not at all happy with junk being moved to her garage from the cleaned out...
  14. Shevek

    Fitting In

  15. Shevek

    Post something Weird or Random

    Some friends ran a small motel on Vancouver Island, Canada. They got a call asking for a reservation to be moved on by one day. The next day, it was re-booked another day later. On the third day, the English guest added "We have seriously underestimated the size of America."
  16. Shevek

    What are your goals for 2023?

    Nothing new, really. Looking for people to work with to save the world. Live on fewer resources while staying healthy. Give away engineered designs to save multi millions of dollars.
  17. Shevek

    Post something Weird or Random

  18. Shevek

    Camera suggestions?

    A friend of mine had a photo studio in downtown Toronto with a back alley. The alley ended at a big, white wall. One nice summer evening, he set up a slide projector using that wall, and it drew in spectators from the street. He would explain that there was no charge for the show, which was...
  19. Shevek

    Autism and poverty

    Monkeys live in troops of various sizes, and those numbers correlate strongly with their brain size. It takes more wetware to keep track of more monkeys. Based on our brain size, our natural community size is 150 people. In a group of 100 people, you really can go to the store and get what...
  20. Shevek

    Autism and poverty

    Of course we need a medium of exchange. At various times, black markets have used cans of sardines or other standard, compact goods instead of gold coins. Even with an electronic matching service, it would just be too tedious for everyone to barter directly. My point is that currently, we are...
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