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Search results

  1. Ken

    Spinach poll!

    OK... now that is what I'm talking about!!! Spinach is my favorite food! I like it fresh or heated in a bowl. No other ingredients. I can eat a giant bowl of it. It is so satisfying!
  2. Ken

    Not sure how to approach this

    I can certainly relate regarding your step father. I believe I probably had the worlds worst father. Probably not really, but I have several permanent, disabling PTSD's directly inflicted by him. I also live in a community and family that is not friendly to anyone not "normal". That added even a...
  3. Ken

    New here & seeking understanding

    Welcome to the forum!! I self diagnosed at the age of 67. As far as I'm concerned, my diagnosis is absolutely official. For example, if you fall and experience extreme pain in your leg then see that you leg is bent halfway between your ankle and knee; you don't need a medical authority to...
  4. Ken

    "Imperfection" - a poem for you artists

    In the view of sports, it is all about winning and to win you have to be better than all the rest - striving for perfection. However, I tend to find such sports as boring. However, there are some sports winners that I applaud. For example: Eddie Edwards who was obsessed with being an Olympian...
  5. Ken

    Naming your strengths

    You're kidding right? Well, OK I know the feeling, I have certainly been there - a lot, but we all know it isn't true. Yes, dirt helps things grow and I too appreciate the worth of dirt. Indeed, dirt plays a vital role and is extremely valuable. But, dirt's value is in what dirt does. Dirt...
  6. Ken

    My parents don't believe me

    I think the biggest issue is that almost everyone believes autism is a terrible, tragic disease. So, even if you got an official diagnosis as autistic, I don't think your parents will be any more "happy" about it. Perhaps it would be helpful to stress that autism is not a bad thing; just...
  7. Ken

    Confidence, masking, and general weirdness

    When I was a kid - actually until late in life, no one knew anything about autism. It was never discussed or mentioned or thought about. However, I suffered from it regardless of the ignorance of it. Indeed, I suffered more then than I do now since it is now known - and disclosed - that I am...
  8. Ken

    Confidence, masking, and general weirdness

    Wow, as I ponder the concept of pretty privilege, it occurs to me that this is an element of the 90 percent communications rule. I have mentioned the 90% rule before on this forum and to other individuals, but no one really believes it. As a career engineer ingrained with test and measure, I...
  9. Ken

    Brand New....

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. First, I want to clear one thing up: Nothing you did or didn't do caused his autism. Autism is not a disease or something one can catch or something that has gone wrong. Autism is natural, it is genetic, it starts at conception and it is not a flaw. I am now a 70...
  10. Ken

    Going to Japan or Being on Jeopardy!?

    I would definitely choose Japan. jeopardy would be terrifying for me.
  11. Ken

    Aspies Rejected by Parents

    Extremely well put. Thank you for making that aspect of my life so clear. It has taken decades for me to figure that one out. I finally came to realize that I am totally socially blind. To this day, I still have no instinct for social interaction. I have learned a few things that are extremely...
  12. Ken

    Honest questions about homosexuality and religions which consider it to be a sin

    There are a few gay members of my extended family. A gay couple bought a house and is living in my neighborhood. I have worked with gay people at work. I have even had some gay friends. I am totally heterosexual. Their effect on me is absolute zero. They are just people. I just hope my effect on...
  13. Ken

    Aspies Rejected by Parents

    Yep, we are basically in the same boat. I self-diagnosed in 2019 after hearing a speech by Greta Thunberg and hearing her say she was autistic. That seemed impossible to me as I thought autism was a totally debilitating mental disease. I knew no autistic person could make a speech. So, I started...
  14. Ken

    To quit or not?

    Actually, I did not mean to suggest you should quit or not quit. I was just saying that you are not as "bad" as you think. Perhaps your current job is not fitting to your talent. I don't know, but I'm sure I would not do well in close quarters with other people. I do agree that you should...
  15. Ken

    To quit or not?

    I felt that way for years throughout my career and suffered crushing depression for it. Finally, my wife suggested that I retire, so I did. They honored me with a retirement party and my boss / business owner told me that he was very sad to see me go and that in all the years of the business; I...
  16. Ken

    Phone Calls

    I feel I'm the same way regarding talking on the phone. It sets extreme anxiety, I can't sit and talk on the phone. I have to pace the whole house when on the phone. It is so bad, that I can't even own my own phone. Just the thought of owning one is nauseatingly gross to me . We have a land line...
  17. Ken

    Nature religions

    Indeed, pantheism is a religious doctrine that considers god to be the universe itself, incorporating all elements of the universe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantheism
  18. Ken

    WHAT is the stupidest thing u can think of

    What is the stupidest thing I can think of? I can think of a few: War - organized, state sanctioned mass murder. Greed Stereotyping Bigotry Believing unsubstantiated news or claims. There are a lot more, but that's all for now....
  19. Ken

    Quick question: Handwriting

    My hand writing is always what I want it to be. If the intent is to be neat and pretty, then I can spend the time to make it so. Typically, however when I write things for myself, I don't bother and it is usually readable only by me. I guess I could call that a security feature. ;)
  20. Ken

    Help…..I’m a neurotypical daughter of a neurodivergent mum

    From my viewpoint, you are already there. Of course, more information and learning is always a plus. I don't think she needs to be presented with the thought she might be autistic. I am autistic and my wife is NT. We have worked together on the same issues you described. My advice is to simply...
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