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  1. 100skerls

    Can someone with Aspergers be good at reading people?

    Hi Mayberry. I read your post days ago and forgot to respond. I wanted to say that I’m pretty good at understanding social dynamics and reading people. Not their faces necessarily but understanding what might cause the person to feel a specific way at a certain time. I have lots of moving...
  2. 100skerls

    Discomfort With Body Hair (Bullet List Followed By Rant)

    I hate it too but shaving is prickly. Sometimes even more uncomfortable. I’m going to buy a personal laser hair removal gun. Look into it for when you move out. Also why not just shave if you want to? They can’t glue your hair back on you. Screw public opinion if that’s what’s holding you back...
  3. 100skerls

    Test to see if you have perfect pitch

    Who’s musically inclined? If so try taking this test it’s pretty neat. I have a feeling auties might do pretty well. Post your results!!! Tone-Deafness Test
  4. 100skerls


    Maybe the snail is heading to a shady spot so his slime doesn’t dry up
  5. 100skerls


  6. 100skerls


  7. 100skerls


    The beautiful lady in the pink
  8. 100skerls

    Where do I Begin?

    That’s the goal, for everyone to feel safe. I’ve made an investment sticking around for about a year and a half here and it’s more than paid off in terms of friendships and personal growth.
  9. 100skerls

    Where do I Begin?

    Personally when I went in I was diagnosed with ASD, dysthymia, and anxiety disorder.
  10. 100skerls


    What a lovely voice. That’s my gran.
  11. 100skerls

    Where do I Begin?

    Ah. I see. You want disability assistance. It’s a process, I’ve heard. There are folks here who have gone through it maybe they will chime in. Personally what I did is looked for psychiatrists in my area that specialized in diagnosing adults on the spectrum. Read the reviews always for your...
  12. 100skerls

    Where do I Begin?

    Welcome christopher!! I’d get tested, if you’d value the affirmation of a diagnosis. It’s what I did. What you describe is familiar to me so it’s worth looking into.
  13. 100skerls


    Hmmm. ~.
  14. 100skerls


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~. ~~~~, ~~~~~? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. ~~~. ~~~~~~. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~? :sheep: thank you.
  15. 100skerls

    COVID negative (maybe)

    COVID negative (maybe)
  16. 100skerls

    Too much in our heads?

    Only when I’m overburdened. When I’m not I’m much more tuned in to my surroundings and less in my head.
  17. 100skerls

    31 years old and feel like I'm running out of time

    As a woman I don’t know if the same goes for finding a partner. I never had to try - women definitely have it easier there. But I’d assume like with other things that cause me anxiety it’s probably the same. Baby steps are the only way to real and lasting improvement. There are some good places...
  18. 100skerls

    31 years old and feel like I'm running out of time

    Best of luck to you Matt. I’m 24 and just got diagnosed about a year ago. It’s been good for me to have some answers to help inform my decisions and the pace at which I take on responsibilities. In the past I’d just try to do everything, I’ve finally learned to take it slow. It’s all about baby...
  19. 100skerls


    I hate to even have to respond in anyway in situations like that. Folks will tell you different ways to respond - to me it’s not the point. The point is that the second they act inappropriately the burden is on the person receiving the unwanted behavior to experience their crap and respond in...
  20. 100skerls

    Never share an autism meltdown video

    I’m all for an autistic person sharing their own meltdowns online. I could see myself doing that. I could imagine that sort of content as being incredibly helpful for someone who is trying to determine if they are on the spectrum. I despise NTs speaking for autistics or “advocating” for them in...
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