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  1. nukefusion

    @Crossbreed NHS is the National Health Service in the UK

    @Crossbreed NHS is the National Health Service in the UK
  2. nukefusion

    Sanctimony, self-righteousness, and virtue signalling.

    Yes absolutely agree, I am lucky in that I have little time for people like that so I'm not exposed to them for long. It's tough if the people in question are family members.
  3. nukefusion

    Reactions to a potential diagnosis

    ah ok no problem, apologies. I was just replying to the message but I'm happy to keep it on topic.
  4. nukefusion

    Damn, I understand your concern and sorry to hear it's affecting you. Was it a male that...

    Damn, I understand your concern and sorry to hear it's affecting you. Was it a male that identified as female? Not that it matters I suppose, I'm just curious as it's a big political issue at the moment.
  5. nukefusion

    Reactions to a potential diagnosis

    Sorry to hear you've had a difficult time. I know the NHS is under a lot of pressure and I think they try their best but it can be a bit of a lottery.
  6. nukefusion

    Sanctimony, self-righteousness, and virtue signalling.

    Indeed and I think what I cannot stand about it is the insincerity. You can be sanctimonious and self-righteous but there's a possibilty that you might just be deluded. Virtue signalling implies some sort of calculated deception and for somebody that values honesty and straight-forwardness that...
  7. nukefusion

    When i feel everything

    If I'm overwhelmed I'll often go and sit in a dark room in silence. If it's after an emotional encounter with somebody I'll inevitably be tracked down eventually and greeted with the question "why are you sitting in the dark?" as if I'm some sort of weirdo. Maybe I am :D
  8. nukefusion

    Sanctimony, self-righteousness, and virtue signalling.

    The first two I find irritating, the third I cannot abide under any circumstance. I'm happy to be the odd one out in those circumstances even if it means I'm isolated.
  9. nukefusion

    Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and Autism

    ISTJ here. However anecdotal, judging from these posts there does seem like there is at least some commonality. In a general sense I don't know how useful those personality tests are but I found it fun when I did it.
  10. nukefusion

    Reactions to a potential diagnosis

    Thank you, I'm from the UK too and born before 1991. I'm not in an hurry to rush anything as in theory nothing really changes, but I guess the realisation has caused a subtle change in my demeanour. Maybe things are just very new and I'm still trying to understand how I feel and what it might mean.
  11. nukefusion

    Reactions to a potential diagnosis

    Thanks for your reply. I think the person seeking acceptance is probably myself. If other's don't want to accept it I guess nothing really changes, there's is not much I can do, but I have a habit of taking things to heart. Perfectionism can be a problem. It's hard to accept that I might not be...
  12. nukefusion

    Reactions to a potential diagnosis

    I was talking to somebody close to me today that said that since going through a pre-assessment and realising that I was probably on the spectrum that I had "become visibly more vunerable". It was a useful conversation because I am pursuing this primarly to try and help mitigate some of the...
  13. nukefusion

    It's silly that society needs money to be happy

    I've always said that money doesn't necessarily make you happy, but a lack of it can certainly contribute to unhappiness. Just enough money to elimnate financial worry is probably the sweet spot.
  14. nukefusion

    Hi. I’m Neitiry

    Hi and welcome. Your grammar is excellent and I wouldn't have known English wasn't your first language. I can relate to what you say as I have masked well enough in many situations that I've probably made it difficult for myself when the masking fails because it's just perceived as me being...
  15. nukefusion

    Something I am realizing about myself.

    I can watch with others but only if they're quiet. I can't handle random interjections for some reason. Generally I prefer watching alone, as with most things.
  16. nukefusion

    Are people on the spectrum judgemental toward others?

    I can be judgemental. But I'm also very open-minded and forgiving. I go the extra length to try and understand somebody else's point of view, very possibly over-compensating because it doesn't come naturally. As a result, if anything I am probably too forgiving of others at times.
  17. nukefusion


    Hello! Do you really want to know? :p I used to answer this question honestly and then eventually I worked out that nobody really wanted an honest answer. Although maybe I am in the correct place to answer honestly :tearsofjoy: I'm ok. Facing a lot of challenges right now but perserverance is...
  18. nukefusion

    Are you "noticeably autistic"?

    It was never apparent to me, but once I suspected and approached family members the general response was "oh yeah, well we always knew that" or "Yeah we had a conversation about this between ourselves years ago". Seems they just forgot to let me know. :tearsofjoy:
  19. nukefusion


    The mischievous sloth slyly hid well among root beers.
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