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  1. An0maly_1976

    (Partial / Reduced) Sensory Processing Disorder and ASD / Asperger's?

    I have been having a great many random thoughts and questions since the possibility of ASD / Asperger's came to my attention, and with those, of course, comes the desire for researching them. There's an old saying that some people can't see the forest for the trees, or can't see the trees for...
  2. An0maly_1976

    The stupid... It BURNS....

    So I just had the most exasperating conversation with (I feel) likely one of the most ignorant people on the planet in regard to ASD. Short version (if I can)... Movie clip showing Denzel Washington's character having one of those occasionally necessary talks most parents shouldn't usually have...
  3. An0maly_1976

    Wow.... Just... Wow.

    Props to @smilie for giving me the link to the Aspie quiz... Aspie score: 167 of 200 / Neurotypical score: 53 of 200 ANNNND... There were questions I skipped because I wasn't sure.
  4. An0maly_1976

    PC Gamers? BeamNG.drive / American Truck Sim users?

    The aforementioned games help keep me from bouncing off the walls, though I have more or less parted ways with Steam after some rather strange standards as to what is kosher and what is not. Anyhoo, was wondering if anyone here played either of these games.
  5. An0maly_1976

    Ableism Gaslighting?

    Ooooookaaaaay... As anyone here knows, living with these conditions is hard enough when you have a support group -- family and / or friends who understand you and have the patience to process your idiosyncracies. Unfortunately, I am generally surrounded by ignorant and intolerant individuals...
  6. An0maly_1976

    New Normal?

    Hi! So glad to find this site, hoping to find others I can identify with that can help me make some sense of myself. After stumbling across mention of Asperger's, I took an online RAADS test that placed me at or 2-3 times ASD thresholds. I strongly suspect I am an Aspie (self-diagnosed)...
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